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The GROWTH Agency That Guarantees MORE sales, more revenue & Profit or yOU DON'T PAY A DIME!

 We Engineer UNSTOPPABLE Client Acquisition, Conversion & Retention Systems In 72hours...Guaranteed To Generate Sales Everyday, Dramatically Boost Revenue & Profit OR It's FREE!


revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $653M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


37+ million highly targeted AND wallet ready leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Team Experience


Years of combined experience. The sharpest, smartest, most ferocious & revenue focused marketing warlords.

Ad Budget Managed


Managed in ad budget, marketing campaigns & experiments for clients globally.                                              

Global Awards


Due to the work we do everyday, we've won 13+ awards. It's about CX & boosting our clients' revenue.

Battle Tested


Marketing experiments conducted on our clients behalf, including those in some of the fiercest industries.

UPDATED Tuesday, 16th July, 2024!

Dear Business Owner,

If you'd like to get as many clients, users, customers, sales as you could possibly handle, and...

Dramatically boost your revenue, AND smile to the bank with higher profit, then this is for you. 

We've engineered a fully automated, unstoppable, and proprietary system that consistently, predictably and profitably acquire, convert and retain new clients, users and customers regardless of what niche, market or industry you play...

DTC, eCommerce, SaaS, B2B or B2C.

Infact,we've deployed it in...

90+ Different markets & INDUSTRIES, GeneratING $653 million In Sales 

90+ Industries & Niches

$653M Reported Revenue

Number of Markets

Revenue Generated For Clients.
Reported Sales and

Reported Sales and Revenue Generated.

We've used the system to...

  • Take an online educational company from 6 figures to 8 figures within 2 years using ONE funnel…(Our SIMPLE client acquisition system)
  • Take a one-man professional service company to a 25-person company, adding over $10 million in revenue…(while simultaneously positioning them as one of the top authorities in their space)
  • Add over $12.3 million revenue for an eCommerce company (After reengineering their entire eCom & email marketing programs)
  • Take a B2B company from 54 monthly demo/bookings to over 620+/month…(and boosted clients conversion from 18% to 69.3% while drastically slashed sales cycle by 49%)
  • Generate 90K+ “wallet ready” leads & SQL in 90 days…(with total a reported 33% sales conversion)
  • Take a DTC company from $200k in monthly revenue to $1.9million/month (while slashing CAC by 29%, and boost customer loyalty by 16.5%)
  • Slash down churn by 40% and Quadrupled retention for a SaaS company without any dime spend on ad or marketing.

 Gary Batara

VP Marketing @ Garten

In weeks, we were able to double revenue and create a lasting infrastructure for sustainable growth.

Jeanine Cerund

Founder @ MediationPlug

We saw a 306% in revenue growth as a direct result of working with them. We're sticking forever!


 Here are other reasons why clients love us!

clients acqusition
  • While others promise result, we DELIVER result.
  • Time until result? Some of our clients start seeing result in weeks. We're that good.
  • We focus on the most important elements; Sales, revenue growth & AWESOME customer experience to encourage repeat buy, loyalty and customer advocacy.
  • Time commitment? We know you're busy. Our asynchronous process was made for you
  • Yes, we guarantee results. We don't deserve a dime from you IF you don't get the result. 



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forget "hope for the best" marketing...

Because they don't just work.

You need to have a reliable, predictable and PROFITABLE "mechanism" for making sales on a regular & consistent basis.

That is EXACTLY what our "classified selling" system will do for you...

It's an array of battle tested, battle hardened and ROI-driven selling strategies and tactics that most growth marketing agencies don't even know exist.

For example;

  • We've developed a proven, reliable & predictable method to create a surge of  "wallet ready" prospects coming to you. You and your sales team will never waste time and money on unqualified people. 
  • We can engineered our "magnetic offer protocol" on your existing offers to explode sales by 600% (Your offers will be so compelling that folks will feel stupid not buying)
  • We've a completely weird way of  flooding your calendar with hyper-qualified sales, meetings, trials &  demo appointments... And you achieve a 60%+ clients conversion rate, that's 6 clients in every 10 calls or demo. Unbeatable!

But these are just a tip, we also know how to...

Tweak your email marketing campaign to add $16m+ in yearly revenue without... 

Spending a dime more on marketing. And we have deployed these systems in hundreds of "dog eat dog" industries, niches and markets.

  • We discovered how to craft ads that'll instantly ARREST your prospects' attention...literarily "forcing" them to come to you (NOT one digital or growth marketing agency or "expert" will have the closet clue)
  • We can engineer or re-engineer your  landing pages to dramatically triple or even quadruple your current conversion while automatically & significantly slashing cost of acquisition.  
  • We can deploy our "Google Love" traffic method to  immediately generating highly qualified traffic to your business almost instantly without needing to spend a single dime on ads or customer acquisition.

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

Here's a true gossip about us!

Havanzer's ROI-driven and scientific method is unique, compared to most agencies. They focus solely on the most important thing a business needs to remain in business, SELLING! Beating them will be an almost impossible task.

Warning: We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time 

Did You Just asked how to get started with us

It's pretty straightforward...

Just 3 simple steps.

  • You’ll start by applying below so that we can get to know your challenges, aspiration, and growth goals. This is NOT a sales call, never! It’s a SCALING BLUEPRINT session.
  • You SHOW UP at the scheduled time to Get custom Scaling Blueprint within 30 (or so) minutes that we’ll spend together. It’s your sales overdrive roadmap.
  • We make it happen, fast!  If we’re a fit, up to 5 members of our revenue-making marketing warlords will become your extended marketing nerds, dedicated to your brand, kicking sales into overdrive, but, we DON'T work with everyone!



Great question!

We look at your end-to-end growth goals and we’re hell-bent on shattering them insanely fast. We move quickly, and you can expect results to start trickling in in days and weeks.

We’re focused on consistent, predictable & PROFITABLE client/customer/user acquisition and most importantly retention…

That’s more sales, more revenue, and more profit for your business, and we do it in such a way that is long-term growth and SUSTAINABLE results.

While others promise result, we DELIVER it. The best part…

We GUARANTEE results.

If we fail to deliver results (which never happens), we don’t deserve your money. We ONLY accept clients and partners we’re  99.9% sure we deliver results for. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you.

The first step to do is to get your custom GROWTH MARKETING BLUEPRINT.


Our team is your extended marketing department. Typically, our clients hands off their entire marketing activities and focus on running their businesses, while we make their cash register ringing endlessly.

For example, if you wanted to run email marketing, you’ll need to pay $8,000 per month to hire a very good email marketer. Then, $10,000 per month for a seasoned copywriter. Another $5,000 for a creative person, not to mention $7,000/month for a data analyst. 

That’s over $300k/year despite the risks and the priceless time that you don’t have.  We just plug in dedicated growth team into your business in less than 48 hours and you don’t even need to pay anything close to $300k. When we say "dedicated, we mean it.

You hold weekly Growth Progress calls with them. They're also in your slack channel, and they speak your brand's language.


We’re very swift, and our result come in very fast.

Once we agree to work together, our growth team can be plugged into your business in as little as 48hours.Then, we’re looking for the “low hanging fruits” to immediately generate what we call “untapped cash”.

Our ultimate goal is to try to get result very fast for our clients but not just result that last for a few weeks, we mean sustainable result.

Result can start coming showing up in as little as 1week or 3months. Your peculiar situation will determine that. You may want to consider speaking with one of our Sr. Growth Consultants.


Sadly, we do not work with all companies, we're picky.
Although we have experience working in more than 90 different industries and niches but we prefer to work with eCommerce, DTC, Online Education, Professional Services, B2B, and SaaS companies and…

We have worked with businesses of all sizes.

Those making 7, 8 & 9-figure to those making billions, and to even zero-revenue startups looking to establish product-market fit with efficient growth. 

We’re for businesses looking to get to the “next level”.

If we don’t feel like we can be successful with your goals or your business, we will let you know. We prefer to work on brands we can be successful with and brands we know we can establish a long-term relationship with. 


There are times when we have several people on our waiting list. Other times, when we can onboard and launch a campaign in as little as 48 hours. This depends on seasonality, demand, and many other factors. The best way to find out is to hop on our call with a member of our growth team to see if our timelines align.


While most agencies take up to 8weeks to completely onboard a client, and even charge the clients for those periods, we don't. We onboard our clients within 3-10 days. That said, we have taken over accounts in as little as 24hours when needed. If you’d like to see if we can help you, let’s hop on a call together.

finally ready to crush & win big? Just hit the button down!

finally ready to crush & win big?

 Just hit the button down!

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