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​Dear Business Builder,

Do you feel sick your stomach when your ads lose money?

Have you had small success with Facebook Ads but just can’t seem to get your campaigns to scale profitably?

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​Then stop everything you’re doing and read this right now.

​We’ve spent millions on Facebook ads over the last 12 months, running thousands of scientific split-tests in over 126 niche markets including B2B.

​In doing so, we’ve generated over $400 million in sales for us and our clients.

​Over this time period, we’ve documented the most remarkable secrets for boosting Facebook Ad performance to an astonishing degree.

We then put together our secret Facebook targeting methods that unlock “hidden” audiences and ‘hyper active buyers’ in 30 days or less in this just-released free report on 12 Ways To Find Facebook™ Gold in 30 days or less.

Inside you’ll learn how to skyrocket your business out of the stratosphere. Save yourself the time, pain and headaches of “learning” how to use Facebook™ ads effectively.

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​Every second wasted without this crucial information is another dollar lost to your competitors.

​What You’ll Discover In This Free Report…

  • The EXACT step-by-step process you can use RIGHT NOW to turn complete strangers into high paying clients like clockwork (This is probably the cheapest and most effective way to flood your business with buyers FAST!)
  • Closely guarded secret Facebook targeting methods that unlock “hidden” audiences & ‘hyperactive buyers’ in 30 days or Less (Not 1 in a hundred agencies know these)
  • How to use Facebook Ads to discover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave (this strategy opens up an orchard full of low-lying fruit for you to profit from almost immediately!)
  • The two almost unknown secrets (one for targeting, one for copy) marketers need to know to suck as much profits out of their campaigns as possible… on any budget! (These are crucial secrets to really experiencing the FULL power of Facebook ads.)
  • The greatest Facebook Ad secrets we’ve ever discovered, and how they can unlock new markets for your business (these are the inside “trade secrets” other agencies and guru’s don’t want you to know)
  • And much, much more!…

​Who Is King Kong To Make Such Promises?

​We’re a growth-focused and ROI driven online marketing agency. We’ve consulted and advised businesses in 42 countries in over 167 different industries, teaching over 250,000 people through seminars, content and trainings. To date generating ourselves and clients in excess of $400 million dollars in sales. Over the last 36 months, We’ve invested over $7,000,000 on marketing tests, produced tens of millions of unique visitors and generated over a million leads.

But rather than toot our own horn about the millions of dollars in revenue we’ve generated, that these techniques have made possible, allow us to quote what others have said about our work….

​“Since starting work with King Kong 9 months ago our sales have tripled and we’ve expanded into 3 other states. These guys are amazing!”

​Raphael Bender, Breathe Education

​download your free report now before this page comes down.

​This report is yours 100% free, just enter your details and hit the “Send me my free report button” in the box below, and these sales-exploding tips will be sent straight to your inbox. Get your copy now for free before we take down the free link and start charging for it.


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