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Dear savvy business owner,

How would you like to bring in millions of dollars in revenue…with just one great ad? That’s exactly what Dollar Shave Club, Squatty Potty, and Poo Pourri did.

These companies started small and grew into revenue juggernauts…all on the back of a few insanely successful YouTube ads.

YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine with over 3 billion searches per month, which is more than AOL, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask… combined! And is simply just too big of a force to be ignored in your marketing mix.

If you’ve found yourself funnelling all your budget in AdWords, Facebook Ads or SEO…and not investing in YouTube Ads….You’re making a fatal mistake.

Why? Because you could simply be one or two campaigns away from unlocking geometric growth for your business through this incredibly powerful channel.

In this FREE report, we uncover 17 of the most powerful YouTube Ad Secrets for outrageous success…which is one of the most powerful marketing platforms EVER created.

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​What You’ll Discover In This Free Report…

  • ​How to only bid on audiences that result in sales (not just views)
  • How to increase sales and profits guaranteed…with very little effort
  • How to make more money off every conversion you get
  • How to double your CTR with this little know tactic
  • How to have your ad constantly in #1 while bidding less than the competition
  • How to create pre roll ads that get clicked 400% more than the competition
  • Ad examples from the most outrageously successful campaigns in the world
  • And much, much more!

​Who Is King Kong To Make Such Promises?

We’re a growth-focused and ROI driven online marketing agency. We’ve consulted and advised businesses in 42 countries in over 167 different industries, teaching over 250,000 people through seminars, content and training. To date generating ourselves and clients in excess of $200 million dollars in sales. Over the last 36 months, We’ve invested over $7,000,000 on marketing tests, produced tens of millions of unique visitors and generated over a million leads.

​But rather than toot our own horn about the millions of dollars in revenue we’ve generated, that these techniques have made possible, allow us to quote what others have said about our work….

​“Since starting work with King Kong 9 months ago our sales have tripled and we’ve expanded into 3 other states. These guys are amazing!”

​Raphael Bender, Breathe Education

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