How AFrica’s #1 RIO-Driven & Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency Can Explode Your Sales, Revenue & profit

Dear friend,


How are you doing today?

My name is Johnson Emmanuel, Founder/Head of Growth, here at Havanzer.

I won't beat around the bush.

I strongly believe you are here because you want to want to 'hit your competitors dangerously hard", double (or even triple) your sales, exponentially grow your revenue while maintaining higher profit margin.


If that is why you are here, I wont waste any time.

Although I do have a very intriguing personal story that I would love to share with you, I wont but you can click here to read it

But here's a short version of it.

It's about how i started and grew the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Africa.

I started Havanzer a few years ago because i saw how ad agencies were ripping businesses off.

I just couldn't take it anymore.

I remember one of our clients paying alot of money to one of the biggest an ad agencies around, and they only brought nothing back. 

As we dug deeper, we could out that there are hundreds (and thousands) of digital agencies like the "big" one.

They use the term "creative concept" alot.

They produce some kind of "creative concept" that never adds  penny to your bottom-line.

They chase what I call "feel good marketing", aka, social shares, impressions, comments, beautiful looking banners and images.

Frankly, we don't do all those here.

Those things do not add any "tangible" value to your company.

Our focus is always on the "REAL" things that will help you outmarket & outsell your competitors.

I mean things that will help you generate more "dram clients", sales, rapid revenue growth, and higher profit margin.

Look, every good marketing activity is supposed to bring a trackable, tangible ROI.

If you spend $1 on marketing, you're supposed to get $2,$3,$5 or even much more back.

Anything less makes marketing an expense.

Let's face it, all these "feel good" marketing activities can not be taken to the bank.

'Feel good' ads and creatives are not going to move the biggest needle in your business.

Our vision is to put a complete stop to that, and ensure that remarkable companies get tangible ROI on all marketing related activities.

To us, tangible ROI means more , massive generation of "dream clients" like we generated over 92,000 in 12days for one of our clients.

It means helping our clients generate massive return on their ad spend. 

Imagine having 12,063.2% on your ad spend.

Our focus on sales generation, rapid revenue growth, maximizing your ad spend & ad return, and helping you keep higher profit margin.

That way, you can easily become the king of your jungle.

How much did you invest in marketing, how much are you getting back, and how much are you keeping, aka, profit?

That's what matters to us.

Anyway, we started by implementing our result-based, inhouse-developed marketing strategies, systems, campaigns and tactics for only one company, and there was a 'wildfire" of words, the rest like the say is history.

Fast forward today... named us the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Africa.

Two person team became 5, then 10, then 15 and now 35 and still counting.

We don't just talk marketing, we live and do marketing.

It runs and flows in our blood, we breath it, and we own multiple companies.

Your  dedicated team of BADASS   'marketing hit squad' whose major focus is EXPONENTIAL revenue growth .

We really don't care about how much traffic you get or how much 'ego bite' you get or how many people comment or share your stuff online, we are ONLY interested in how much money we can make youperiod.

Our team has grown to 35 and it is still growing, we are aiming to be Africa's largest digital agency within the next four years.

And that isn't just a 'wish goal'.

That is why we partner with ONLY remarkable companies who are eager to give their competitors sleepless nights, and be seen as the "ultimate best" in their market.

When we agree to partner you, you are literally plugging in a badass team of "marketing hit squad" who will not only provide unrivalled results but also make you the king of your jungle.

To staff your company  with our type of expertise and experience, it would literally cost you a minimum of $768,00 per year in overheads (average salary of $8,000(per person) x 8 team members).

Instead, you can have our team manage  ALL THIS FOR YOU, and we'll even guarantee better result than any team you'll put up because we breathe marketing. 

'Havanzer is the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Africa. Founded by a marketing leader per excellent with a 99.9% focus on revenue growth, which is one thing other digital ad agencies DON'T do.

Havanzer was Built Differently, and METICULOUSLY

We help 'select' remarkable companies, medium size to big implement our 'unique' online marketing strategies, campaigns & systems to help them slaughter their biggest competitors, generate high-valued leads, double (or triple) sales, exponentially grow revenue while maintaining higher profit margin.

Growth is life, and if a company is not growing, it is definitely dying. We focus on the things that'll move the biggest needle in your business, sales, revenue and profit.




We’re The Fastest Growing Digital marketing Agency Because Our Clients  own the Fastest Growing COMPANIES

We believe in mutual growth.

Your growth is  our growth.

The more sales we generate for you, the more money you can spend in our business.

So, you grow and we grow.

And our rapid  success is proof in itself that what we do for businesses like yours ACTUALLY works.

Havanzer’s growth-focused digital marketing strategies is SO extremely effective…

That this year we've managed millions of dollars in ad spend for our clients.

We actually DO THIS STUFF. Every day.

Our agency has 35 digital marketing warriors whose sole focus is sales, revenue and profit.

That is the language we understand because that is the language that matters most in any business.

We have direct-response copywriters, marketing funnel specialists, designers, coders,growth hackers, paid traffic specialist and SEO masters…all of whom we'll put at your disposal when we do take in as a partner..

I personally trained them, each one of them to do one major thing...

Turn $1 of ad spend to $3 (or more) in revenue for you.

In most cases, we get way better than 200% return onad spend..

For example, in April of 2019, we ran a campaign for a client and the client saw 726%  return. 

Let's break it down for you.

Let's say the client invested $5 million  in ad spend and everything else.

Yes, I'm using the word "investment" because that is truly what your 'marketing budget' should be.

So, in this case, for $5,000,000  invested, they generated $36,300,00 in revenue, that's $31,300,000 pure profit by working with us. (NOTE: this is just for example purpose only)

And I’m not bragging when I say this — probably the smartest way to make your marketing budget work for your business is by applying to partner with us.

But wait...

If you’re thinking about partnering with Havanzer, you should know something…


If You’re Looking For A ‘magic BULLET’, or ‘push Button To Riches’ Or  ‘Get Rich Quick’ solution Kindly Leave This Website.

Look, if you’re after a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme or 'Push Button To Riches'… or you sell cheap products or services to customers you don’t ACTUALLY respect and want to help…OR…you think that having a fancy logo and tagline...OR...if you think that running some 'feel good' commercials on newspaper or TV will somehow magically grow your business…

Then you should leave this website right now, please.

We're a direct response digital marketing agency.

Not an ‘Easy Button To Riches’ agency that will fill you with 'empty' promises,false hope and sell you empty pipe dream.

Let's be clear...

Making a business work is HARD WORK.

Yes, when it’s all up and running, it can be just like you imagined...

But it takes HARD WORK to figure everything out.

We know that well because we've been through that path countless times.

Making the sales and marketing work is literally 80% of the battle.

That’s what we work on for you.

We work as hard on getting everything working for your business as we do for our own.

We’re not a so-called ‘creative’ advertising agency that will build you a ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ campaign that looks cool but delivers no tangible results.

Just measurable results and ROI.

That’s the essence of Direct Response Marketing.


When we agree to partner you, you are literally plugging in a badass team of ferocious 'marketing hit squad' & RIO-driven marketers.

A Tested, Proven System for Generating Itchy-to-buy, wallet-ready customers, 24/7.

We'll unleash the "secret selling system",all you need do is to watch as sales roll in, one after the other, but be warned, make sure you have the ability to fulfill orders before ever requesting to partner us, because you could end up having alot of "good troubles".


Traffic Growth

We will help you generate hyperactive 'dream clients' through the channels that will bring you the best and most qualified-targeted online adsFacebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google, etc


 High-growth performance machine

Our seasoned Direct Response copywriters will write the copies, we create a ‘Grandmaster offer’ that makes it virtually impossible for people NOT to give you their money…And setup the entire "classified secret selling" system.


Database Of Hungry buyers

Once we’ve got your custom system up and running, we fine tune it and start driving paid traffic (people looking to buy from you) your way. We show you how to sell to those people AND how to nurture those not ready to buy into future customers.

We’re OBSESSED with this digital marketing stuff.

I believe you’re here because you want to grow your businesses.

And you want to know for sure that we can do that for you.

You believe in the product or service you sell.

You respect your customers and you want to make their lives better in some way.

And you want to maximize and leverage your value.

Is that true of you?

Then,click the link below to see how we can slaughter your competitors but i must warn you, it is NOT for everybody, we're very picky.

Awards & Recognition

Here’s What To Do Next If You would Like Our Team To Dramatically Grow Your Business’s Revenue…

We help businesses like yours scale up to huge numbers.

Whether you’ve been stuck at one point and don't seem to know the next step to take…

Or you’re a mature (& successful) company that wants to move from where you are to the 'next level'…

Havanzer can help you achieve that pretty quick.

We don't hide behind the cotton.

We’re open about sharing what has worked for us and our partners.

We’ve published dozens of articles on proven ways to grow your business.

I regularly share unique techniques, strategies and tactics, from the front lines of digital marketing that are working RIGHT NOW and that have helped our clients add more revenue to their businesses.

Get on the Havanzer mailing list if you want to receive this stuff, FREE.

When you do, you’ll receive this this free report.

It’s called ‘Five Ways To Double Your Sales’.

This report alone is potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business.

Because it details five ACTIONABLE strategies you can start using right now to grow your customer base…and boost the revenue you make from those customers.

It lays out how and where you can find hordes of prospects who have money to spend…and are crying out to buy what you’re selling.

This report shows you how to quickly position yourself as an authority in your market…and make your competitors look like total amateurs.

I even reveal specific, candid details about the campaigns we run that allow our clients to achieve that 726% return I mentioned above.

So download the report NOW.

Or, click this link to see if we can work together to grow your company, you can do that here.

You can also see candid, no-bullshit testimonials from our clients here…

Your growth,

Johnson Emmanuel

Founder/Head of Growth.

They exploded our sales beyond our thinking

Our company was going through a lot of challenges. We threw a lot of money away trying to solve the problem but it persisted. I took a leap of faith and flew from Portharcourt to Lagos to meet Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer), and that singular decision saved our company. They exploded our sales beyond our thinking. We are still reaping the benefit of working with them, it would never have been possible without their help.

If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them.

The team at Havanzer produces stunning results. If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them. I firmly believe Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) is the best marketing expert I've seen so far.

if you ever have the opportunity of working with them,take a leap of faith and do it!

My first experience with Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) was the purchase of his best selling book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS. That completely and absolutely blew my mind. I couldn’t resist jumping at the opportunity of working one on one with them. Listen, if you ever have the opportunity of working with them, don’t procrastinate, don’t delay, take a leap of faith and do it!

Copy of They made us 3years revenue in 1year

Working with Havanzer did one thing for us- RAPID GROWTH. Great team lead by a superb marketer and growth expert. They helped us make way more sales, and grew our revenue more than we did 3years ago. We got 3years revenue in 1year by working with them. They gave us market-place authority and gave our competitors a lot of sleepless nights. We can never end the partnership with Havanzer.

Working with them gave us the potential to 10X our company in 12months.

The first time I heard Johnson Emmanuel (founder of Havanzer) on a podcast, I had to contact him straight up. I instantly knew he was the marketing guy I was looking for. Working with them gave us the potential to 10xing our company in 12months. If you’ve been looking for a marketing advisor or agency, Johnson is your man. He’s a marketing phenomenon. Seriously, he’s a marketing genius. If you ever have the opportunity of working with his company, DO IT. They have a heart to TRULY help beyond the money.

Elera Nwogu CEO, A'Dimes Symphony
Adaugo Ugo CEO, Dafalcon's Place
Samuel Obe Software developer, founder, Lubia View LTD,
Rosanda Lyon Marketing Manager, Classic Technology, South Africa
Derin Ogunmola Senior Lead, Dorothy David Consulting

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