NEWS ALERT:  12th September,2023


A marketing Agency

That guarantees sales

Or you pay nothing! 

Rapidly (& Significantly) Generate More Sales, More Revenue & Higher Profits with Consistency, Reliability & Predictability OR You Pay Us NOTHING! Watch Below!

*but its NOT for everyone!

multiple award winning growth agency

Tuesday,September 12th,2023!

Dear Business Owner,

If you'd like us to rapidly (& SIGNIFICANTLY ) generate you more sales, more revenue and higher profit  while simultaneously crushing your biggest competitors like fine powder...

Then, you're in the right place, and at the right time!

Look, I know that the next thing on your mind right now could be...

 "Is  this not one of those bogus promises & scams?"

I know, I know!

It is natural in us as humans to be skeptical, particularly now that we live in a noisy and crazy world, huh?

Personally, I'd be surprised if you're not skeptical (maybe even shocked) but listen to this carefully...

We mean every single line of those words, we're guaranteeing you MORE SALES, MORE REVENUE & HIGHER PROFITS OR...

You Pay Nothing!

It's that simple, nothing more!

Ofcourse we know it is a crazy offer but the thing is...

NO marketing agency or "guru" can guarantee results like we do...

BUT for now, just take a chill pill and hear us out because you have NOTHING to lose (BUT everything to gain).

We good, huh?


And oh, while you're taking a chill pill, get some popcorn & cold cup of Pepsi (because you're in for a ride of your life!).


Come closer, give me your FULL attention...

Will you?

I want to whisper something into your ears, I don't want your competitors to hear it, so come closer...

We've engineered a "classified selling" system and it is completely UNLIKE anything else you may have ever seen or heard.

It is "classified!"

Actually, it is one of the reasons why we can confidently beat our chest, put our money where our mouth is AND scream...

We GUARANTEE you'll Make More Sales, More Revenue and Higher Profit WITH...

Consistency, Reliability and Predictability AND...

If we don't (very unlikely), YOU PAY NOTHING!

This "classified selling" system is INCREDIBLY powerful and as we speak...

 It is shattering every known marketing & sales records in almost every markets & industry you can possibly think of.

 It has rocked wonders in more than...

, July,2021.

Dear business owner,

I totally understand…

Growing a business is really, really, really hard.

It is harder when you are not sure what to do, and it is even hardest when you’ve done everything you think you should be doing, and the result isn’t showing.

I totally get it.

You sitting down there, and you’re thinking to yourself ‘where will my next customer come from’ or ‘how are we going to survive this month?’.

And to add salt to injury, you do not really have that “clarity”, you don’t know the clear path to take.

You're saying to yourself ‘maybe we should start a Youtube channel’, and another voice is saying ‘No, start a podcast’

Then your inner voice says ‘have you not had of Facebook group? Everyone is talking about it’.

In the middle of all this confusion, you notice that one of your competitors is going on a media tour, Radio, TV, you name it...

You immediately say to yourself 'Maybe I should do this too'. 

To you, it seems like you’re in a crossroads.

You know you have a great product that your market needs, and you have their interest at heart, but why are you not making as much money as you should?

Look, I totally get you…

I know you are reading this right now because your business is NOT where you think It should be…

Even though you have done everything the “gurus” ask you to do.

Your mama and papa told you that if you want to be at the top, you've got to work hard, but you're working hard like crazy...

The result? 


And you really want to put a complete end to it.

OR maybe your business is already flying, but you simply want it to fly higher.

You just want more…

More high-valued customers.

More sales.

More (and bigger) profit.

More time with the people you love.

Whatever it is you want more of, we’ve got some amazing news for ya…

Because soon, you’d be waking up every morning, saying to yourself “so, life can be this great?”

You’ll be waking up to “begging to buy” prospects hitting your inbox faster than you even blink.

You’ll be getting more leads, more sales, and more profit in a month than you got in the last 12months…

Even if the economy is in deep sh*t.

You’ll never be up at night thinking, you’d start having sleeping like a toddler every single night.

You’ll be IN CONTROL, not under control.

We have “the secret key”…

The exact same key that has unlocked over 500million in sales for our clients in more than 90 different markets.

The best part is, we’d manage every single thing for you in a “done for you” style, and you’ll do NOTHING, and we also guarantee result…

We'd help you grow BIGGER, FASTER & SMARTER in the next 90days (or less), or we don't get paid.

If we don't get you the result (has NEVER happened in our history), you pay us NOTHING!

So, clearly, regardless of whatever happens, you'll come up the winner.

If you’re a mid-to-large company that wants to experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, rapidly.

119 Different markets & INDUSTRIES To Generate $504 million In Sales 



Number of Markets, Industries Niches.

Revenue Generated.
Reported Sales and

Reported Sales and Revenue Generated.

Plus, we’ve also used this "classified" selling system to…

  • Take a real estate start-up from $0 to $2.7 million in 17 months …(and they've been growing and making sales like crazy, year on year!)
  • Take a 'dying' one man consulting company to 20 persons company, adding over $2million in less than 2years…(while also simultaneously positioning them as a 'market leader' in their space.)
  • Generate more than 62,000 prospects & dream clients for a financial service company in less than 90days…(And eventually exploding sales and profit in 24months than they did in their entire 13years existence.)
  • Take new tech company from 326  leads & demo bookings to over 2,349 per month…(the company's value went up and investors were fighting over a piece of the company!)
  • Take dying pest control company to $3.2M in sales…(and opening up 18 new outlets in 2.8months.)
  • Take a (now) leading US roofing company from 64 sales appointments per month to 413 (taking revenue from $1.25M/year to $2,800,000/Month in less than 36months)

Look, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

We've deployed this "classified selling" system in almost every industry you can possibly imagine and...

We can spend the whole week talking about successful stories like this, and we'll still not be done...

We’ve worked with (selected) small businesses to FUNDED  startups, and all the way up to multi-billion dollar brands to apply this “classified selling" system…

And the results are ALWAYS insanely good.

We know that this new “system” for selling is the hottest (and most effective) sales vehicle for growing sales, revenue and multiplying profit...

And we're even literarily  guaranteeing that it'll help you to...

 consistently Generate A stampede Of "begging to buy" Customers! 


We're literally guaranteeing that we'd generate more sales, more revenue and  higher profit for you and it is... RISK-FREE!

What that means is that, if we do not make you way more money than you're currently making, you'll pay us nothing, zero.

If we make you less than our fees (very UNLIKELY), we'd refund you the difference and still give you an additional 15% ( of whatever our fees is) as compensation for your time.

I know, this is the craziest offer in the world.

Think of it this way, if we don't make you way more sales (& money) that you're blown away, you'll pay...

  • NO activation fees!
  • NO agency fees!
  • NO marketing fees!
  • NO fees at all!
  • In fact, you pay us nothing! Instead, we'd send you additional 15% (of what we had charge you) as compensation.

So, guess what?

You're going to be working with a "marketing hit squad" who are insanely focus on one thing...


See us an external arm of your company... your marketing department (BUT with a combined *hands on* experience of 175 freaking years), and..

We're your competitors BIGGEST nightmare!

Look, most marketing agencies hide under waggish ROI...

Waggish because, when they say 'ROI'...

 They mean VANITY metrics like social shares, comments, social followers, fancy designs and other frivolous metrics that'll add NOTHING to your business.

To us, ROI means  More Sales, More Revenue and Higher Profit...

Judge us by one thing: The amount of money we make you, period!

If you invest $1 in marketing, we believe you should get back $2,$5,$50,$100 or much more...

Because to us, marketing is an investment, NOT an expense.

So, If we agree to work with you (because we don't work with everyone)...

Every money you'll pay us will come from the sales, revenue and more profit that we'd make you...

These are monies that you'd never have gotten.

So, you're literally risking NOTHING!

I know the next question on your lip could be...

"Why are these guys making this CRAZY offer?"

Great question!

If you're like most founders, business owners, CMOs, or CEOs, you may have tried every imaginable thing to get to the "next level".

Maybe one or two worked but the majority of them didn't.

Some looked like they were working but after a few weeks, they all came crushing like park of cards.

Then you decided to the "biggest" agency or some "expensive" gurus and tried alot of other stuff to take the business to the "next level" but the same old story...

You hired these big agency and "guru" because you didn't want to make or give excuses BUT...

They ended up giving you (WAY) MORE excuses THAN the (consistent & predictable) sales and profits you NEED!

Now (maybe), you feel cheated or  manipulated, or you don't want to make similar mistake OR because you feel you were...

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

Ripped Off By the top-Guns,"gurus", and "big" agencies ! 

They promised you heaven but left you in hell!

Now, you're scared, you are not sure who to trust but...

Deep down, you know that your business NEEDS some serious "marketing help" to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

It's crazy out there...

Go to Youtube,Twitter or Facebook, you'll see these gurus.

Some have huge social media following (as if that alone translate to more money).

Some of them even pose beside some expensive cars or house, and you'll often find them talking big online.

They call themselves "marketing experts", sales "coaches" or "consultants"...

They're always posting, always "teaching", always talking BUT...

They're "theory peddlers!".

Most of them don't know how to do the actual work because they don't even know how to do it.

They're talkers BUT...

We are DOERS...

Receiving and repelling LIVE "marketing bullets".

We manage tens of millions of dollars in ad budget for ourselves and our clients, DOING the actual marketing.

We're in the trenches, DOING the actual work.

We rollup our sleeves, DOING the actual work.

We're not some theory (or head knowledge) peddlers.

We get our hands dirty DOING the damn thing!


We know what works and why...

We know what doesn't work and why... because we DO the damn thing!

Marketing is our life, we live and breath it, every single minute!

That's why we're happy to risk our own money AND hardened reputation to ACTUALLY help you, instead of talking... 

We're putting our money where our mouth is with this insane offer because we're different.

The question you might be asking is...

don't do this

"How are you guys different from the other guys?"

I know, I know!

First, we are the ONLY digital marketing agency crazy enough to make this type of insane offer.

I mean, we literally guarantee sales, more revenue and higher profit...

And we don't stop there...

If we don't (97% UNLIKELY), you pay us nothing and infact...

To sweeten the offer, we'll GIVE YOU additional 15% (of whatever our fees is) as compensation for your time.

Crazy, huh?

Goodluck looking for a marketing agency that come close and...

We checked, NONE!

And oh, if we ever get to work together (because we're selective), we'll automatically become...

Your  "marketing hit squad", your competitors' BIGGEST nightmare with an combined *hands on* experience of 175 "unbeatable" years...

The day we start working together is the day you'll start exploding your sales, revenue and profit AND...

It's the day your competitors will start crying like little toddlers.

Look, our "marketing hit squad" have won ALMOST ALL the marketing awards there is to win...

Including the "Marketing Grammys" awards and...

Listen very carefully because this is so important...

We manage tens of millions of dollars in ad budget for our clients, generating over $504Million in reported sales and revenue in more than 119 industries, markets & niches for our clients.

If that isn't crazy, I don't know what is!

5 star rating out of 335



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5 star out of 444 reviews

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How the hell Can We Guarantee sales, revenue

 and higher profit?

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

Ad Budget Managed


Managed in ad budget, marketing campaigns & experiments for clients globally.                                              

Battles Fought


Marketing tests done for our clients in hundreds of industries, and over $50M in ad budget managed by us.

Yes, we can because...

We're Havanzer!

Every single thing we do here has one MAJOR goal... 


We're excessively focused on sales, revenue and higher profits.

We DO NOT do impression, social shares, comments, likes, views and all the other *lazy* stuff.

Secondly, we can guarantee result because we've engineered a NEW "classified selling" systems to sell almost anything, at any price, to anyone WHILE...

Simultaneously helping our clients CRUSH their competitors (no matter the size)!

For us it is all about...

More sales (but with consistency, reliability and predictability)

More Revenue and...

Higher Profit!

And if for any weird reason we don't (very unlikely), we say you shouldn't pay us a cent.

NO excuses!


For us, marketing is an investment, if you spend $1, it should bring back $2,$5,$50,$100 or more.

Anything less makes marketing an expense, period!

Our "classified selling" secrets will help you...

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews


"hope and pray" Marketing forever!

I want to confide in you...

Come closer!

Achieving predictable, reliable and consistent sales online, in today's world is NOT as a result of "spray it and hope for the best" OR...

Some kind of "keep our fingers crossed" marketing.

It's about having a reliable mechanism for selling.

That is EXACTLY what our "classified selling" system will do for you...

It's an array of battle tested, battle hardened and ROI-driven system to help you generate more sales, revenue and profit WITHOUT...

Stress, guesswork, frustration while ALSO maintaining (and growing) goodwill in your market place...

Completely FREE of pressure, lies, manipulation or arm-twisting!


  • We know how to uncover  HUGE  crowds of "starving to buy" prospects in ANY market who are eager, able & willing to spend big always ( even if the economy is biting hard)
  • We know how to deploy the "magnetic offer protocol" and immediately skyrocket sales by as much as 1,200% ..regardless of your market and your price point (and even if the same offer failed miserably before)
  • We know how to engineer a custom selling system to flood your calendar with sales, business, trial or demo appointments... And have your phone banging with calls from "begging to buy" dream clients...(no matter the price of what you sell!)

But these are just a tip, we also know how to...

SKYROCKET the "ROI power " ON Almost Any mareting campaign by up to 2,174%! 

And we have deployed these systems in hundreds of "dog eat dog" markets, crazily competitive markets, to outwit, outsell and dominate the most ferocious competitors with huge marketing budgets.

  • We discovered how to craft ads that'll instantly ARREST your prospects' attention...literarily "forcing" them to come to you (NOT one digital marketing agency or marketing "expert" will ever have the closet of this clue, never!).
  • We discovered the NEW secrets to make your company perpetually be the FIRST  choice in the minds and hearts of your prospects (Even if you have "giants" who have been in the markets decades before you)
  • We discovered "copy that generate sales" secrets that would force your prospects to bring out their wallet, begging you to collect their money (and it works in ANY market, no matter your fees)
  • We engineered a the predictable & reliable way to get highly-qualified, highly-valued dream clients and prospects RUSHING to you....ONLY when they're READY,ABLE & WILLING to BUY! ( Never waste another minute speaking to price shoppers and tired kickers again).
  • We know how to...we can go on (and on until we fill this page) but you get the point, huh? ...because we have deployed this "selling" system to more 119 different industries and niches, generating over $504Million in sales!

We truly believe that...

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

Here's a true gossip about us!

Havanzer's ROI-driven and scientific method is unique, compared to most agencies. They focus solely on the most important thing a business needs to remain in business, SELLING! Beating them will be an almost impossible task.

Warning: We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time 

We Can Beat Any AD Agency, GURU or expert on the planet Or You Won’t Pay Us A Single dime! 

You still here, huh?


It means you really need this

You want to JUMP in, huh?

Hang on first!

This is NOT for everyone.

I told you that we are very selective, I meant it...

There are three strict (but reasonable) conditions that MUST be met BEFORE you can get a chance to work with us.

  • You must ALREADY be in business, running! This is NOT for newbies or some startups. We might consider FUNDED startups...but we prefer working with companies that are ALREADY running but simply want to run ALOT faster, or ALREADY flying but want to fly higher, you get the point?
  • You MUST be able and willing to invest (right away) in your marketing WITHOUT some corporate bureaucracy, delays or excuses. And I mean very "good" investment, if that scares you, this is NOT for you. This is NOT for folks seeking to invest $50/day on ads, this is a BIG stuff!
  • Your company must have made ATLEAST N18M (or $50K) in sales in the last 30days and you are MUST be able, willing & ready to invest in growing further. We prefer medium size to large brands... We have the 3 "secret keys" to triple (or even) quadruple their current result, fast!

Yes, there you have it!

If you meet the simple conditions, and you want our help, the first thing to do is...

Apply to get a "Profit Growth" Masterplan Session with our growth team.

They'll develop a customized $1,500 value "Profit Growth" plan for you, for FREE, it takes between 30-45minutes.

At the end of the day, if we're a fit, you'd have the chance to work with us, and we go out there to help you crush your market.

Meanwhile, click the link below, fill out the 1minute form, select a date and time that works best.

Look,you can continue working your ass-off, constantly swimming in the rivers of uncertainty, pulling your hair off thinking where your next client will come from...

And you can continue working with lying ad agencies and gurus or keep trying some unpredictable  (and out to date) marketing that would never yield result...

And you'll keep getting that roller-coaster get income feast in one month, the next months will be income famine...

OR, you can take the BOLD STEP and completely put a permanent end to all these right now, and explore how we can RAPIDLY (and SIGNIFICANTLY) grow your sales & profits in the next 60,90 or 180days, RISK FREE!

And oh, let me quickly add this...

If you're expecting heavy rain, you need big bowls.

So, you better have the infrastructures to handle the "feast of sales" that we're going harvest for you, and be prepared to SCALE like crazy.

Our job is to help you scale in a way you never ever thought was possible.

BUT you've got to act now because for us to help our client get crazy results like we do, we only take "select" clients per month so we can have the time to focus on them.

The first people we consider are those on our "wait list".

The quicker you can get into our "waitlist", the higher your chances of working with us. 


How Can Havanzer Help My Company?

Havanzer is the fastest growing, ROI-driven digital marketing agency that guarantees sales, revenue and higher profit OR you don't pay us a dime!

Our goal is to help you generate the biggest ROI on your marketing campaigns while crushing your biggest (and most ferocious) competitors to a fine powder.
We careless about impressions, likes, comments, etc.
We ask our clients to judge us by one thing; the amount of money we make for them, period.
Because that is what matters, revenue and profits.
We have scientific and proprietary methods for growing sales, revenue and generating bigger profit.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Yes, we offer guarantees...

We'll help you make more sales,revenue and higher profit while crushing your biggest (and most ferocious) competitors OR you pay us no dime!

 We do it confidently because:

1. We believe that marketing is an investment. Therefore, if you invest in marketing, you should get more than you invested, or else, marketing becomes an expense.
So, if we don't make you more money than you pay us, we do not deserve your money.
2. We are insanely focused on return on investment with every marketing dollar.
3. We created scientific and proprietary systems that generate exponential results for our clients in more than 100 different industries and niches and to date, more than $504million have been reportedly generated in sales.

Lastly, if we're not 100% certain we can help you, we won't sign you on. That's why clients love us, and they stay up to 4months on queue waiting for their turn to work with us...

If we do not make you more money than our fees, we'd refund you every penny, and even give you additional 15% (of what we charged) as compensation for your time. We put our money where our mouth is.

So, yes, we 100% guarantee results unlike others who don't trust their work, we do.

Why Is Havanzer The Best Digital Marketing Agency?

Havanzer is the best digital marketing agency because we focus on what matters...

Everything we do have one goal; SELLING!
We solely focus on growing sales, revenue, and profit... NOT comments, social likes, impression and other vanity metrics that does no good, we focus on the main stuff....

We ask our clients to judge us by one thing; the amount of money we make them, period!
That's why clients queue up for months to get a chance to work with us, and unlike others, we put our money where our mouth is;
We guarantee our client results.
Infact, we guarantee that they'll make way more than they pay us, or we'd refund them the difference, PLUS an additional 15% (of what we charged them) as compensation.

Who else can say that?

Goodluck looking for a marketing agency that can do that but

We can, because we're Havanzer! 

What Type of Companies Do You Work With?

Sadly, we do not work with all companies, we're picky.
We work with companies that are focused on growth, that include medium size to large companies and funded startups.

We prefer to work with companies that are growing but simply want to explode really, really quickly, that includes FUNDED startups.

We've worked in hundreds of markets, and we have proprietary systems for exploding sales, revenue, and profits in each of them.

If your client's lifetime value is UPWARD of $1,000, it means, you stand a chance to work with us BUT...
We're very picky, there are other conditions we look at before taking on clients but you can see if you qualify by going to:-  or email SUPPORT@HAVANZER.COM

How Much Do You Charge?

If money is the first thing you consider before ever working with a company, we're not a fit.

Think about it this way...
If you give me $1, and I return back$3, $5 or more, how many times would you love to give me $1 so that I can give you $3?
Did I hear you say "as many times as I ask?"
Yes, that's what our clients always say!
The truth is, if you're looking for a cheap agency, we're not that type, but we are a marketing agency that will give you way more than you pay us.
Our clients come to us knowing that we're NOT cheap but because we get them results that make a huge impact in their business.
So, our clients see our fees as an investment they have to make to get a bigger, crazier ROI.
Lastly, it cost you more to work with a cheap company that might not even know what they're doing.
"You get what you paid for" is a popular proverb from a wise man.

finally ready to crush & win big? Just hit the button down!

finally ready to crush & win big?

 Just hit the button down!

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