How To Create Content That Consistently Generate Sales, Revenue & Profits, All The Time (Guaranteed!)

contents that sell

Imagine being able to print your own money, legitimately.

So, anytime you need it, you turn on your minting machine to cashout as much as you want.

Ok, I'm going to ask you to do something weird...


Close your eyes for one second AND imagine it…

Seriously, do it!

Ok, open it now…

What will business be like for you?

Today, that is exactly what you’ll learn.

My goal today is simple…

To show you how to sell with your blog posts, email, social media posts, free reports, articles, etc.

How to mint money with the written words.

Yes, how to create contents that sell.

It doesn't matter if you are a B2B or B2C companies, or Ecommerce.

It doesn't matter if you sell consulting or technology.

It doesn't, what I'm sharing with you today is very important, no matter what you sell, no matter who you sell to, or your price point, as long as you need MORE MONEY.

You need to listen up...

One of the best skills any forward looking company must master is the ability to create content that generate sales.

The bad news is that, your competitors are ignoring this.

Well, it is bad news to them but it is a good news for you.

80% of companies recently surveyed said they were going to spend more on creating content, which is a good news, the bad news is that, NOT all content generate sales.

Should all content generate sales?

For us, because of our RIO driven approach, we believe that...

 All marketing efforts & activities should generate sales, that is how to crush the competition.

To us, sales is a big thing, because according to Mckinsey, the #1 reason businesses fail is because of lack of sales, and all other reasons are mere commentary.

I want to show you how to write content that …

Your Readers Will DEVOUR.

This is so important because 66% of people surveyed said they don’t read content.

So, why don’t they?

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Take a look at this content that you’re reading right now, can you notice anything?

Anyway, let me save you the stress…

As you can see, this content is very friendly to your eyes, it is well punctuated, and most importantly…

It has series of short paragraphs.


Don't you like it?

Look, that is important, because as you scan the page (like other readers), it sends a direct message to your brain to say “Dude, this is fun to read”.

Then, your brain sends the message back to you to say “Hey, check out this stuff, it is fun”, then you check it out and stay longer on the page.

What else can you notice?

Make sense?


It is the ‘SUBHEADS”.

The subheads are incredibly important because they’re trying to tell you to “keep reading” because each sub head has a story of it own to share.

And humans they say, love stories.

And do not underrate this because…

Every Single Person Scans & Skimps A Page Before They Commit to Reading it

And guess what you notice when you scan a page?

Yes, you know it.

They’re often bolder characters/text than the others.

The headlines and subheads!

They jump at you as you scan.

Ignoring this will be ignoring 70% of your readers who scan before their brain ask them to read.

Another thing you would quickly notice in this article is that I’m not talking about me, and how awesome I am (even though I’m awesome).

Now, I’m not talking about me or Havanzer marketing, and how we have helped some of the biggest companies get some of the highest RIO, or the wards we have won.

NO, not in anyway.


Everything is Focused on YOU!

Yes, YOU, the reader.

Because you don’t care about me, you care about what you seek, and because I’m able to fix it, you are reading this post.

When you are crafting content, and if you want that content to generate sales, it is in your best interest to focus on the needs of the reader, keeps yours aside.

By making the content about them, you’re indirectly and directly influencing them, and that is what you want to do.


We don't work with everyone, we're picky but if we pick you, we'll print money for you with words. Get FREE $1,500 "Words That Sell" Customized Blueprint

Look, my guess is that you have great offers that would change their lives, how can they know if they do not read your stuff?

Get what i'm saying?

So, how should you do it easily?

Now, look at the...

9 Scientific Ways To Influence Your Readers So You Can Generate More Sales, Anytime!

First, make sure everything is about …THEM!

Look, I get it, you want to talk about how great you are, and how successful you are, that your special story, and big things you have accomplished. 

I get it but truth is, they do not care about you, they only care about themselves, so make it about them.

Even more important than “THEM” is their OUTCOMES.
For example, if this article was all about ME and how great of a writer I am, you’d leave, right?

And if I made it all about YOU and how YOU need to write good articles, you might read some of it …but you’d ultimately leave because you know that already.

But you’re still here and you’re still here for one reason: We’re talking about the RESULTS YOU WANT.

In this case, we’re talking about how to influence people with content.
Doing that leads to SALES, and sales lead to MONEY, and that means you can easily crush the head of your competitors.
And that’s probably why you’re here, right?

Thirdly, use the magic words ,“so you can”.
You have a great product/service but if you are unable to explain the benefit to them, they won’t buy.

Your job is to use the magic words “so you can” because it makes them see themselves ALREADY in the result they seek.

Wondering how that is done?

No worries, we got you!

A not-so smart CEO may comeup with a marketing message like this;

We just took delivery of the latest sex toys in town, and like you know, we are the biggest in Europe, and we have been in business for 50years. These are original sex toys that are well researched, and it’ll satisfy your needs.

Let’s be honest, has this fellow said anything to a prospective buyer? The answer is a NO.

Listen, it is your responsibility to let the prospect understand what you are selling in the language they best understand.

Most companies fail at this.

Ok, lets rewrite that marketing message, and see what it will look like.

You deserve absolute pleasure in the inner room. After a hard day’s work, sometimes, a good, leg shaking orgasm is what you need so you can catch a great sleep, so you can  face the next day’s activities with renewed vigor, that is exactly what the latest brands of our sex toys does.

Ofcourse, this is just from the top of my head, but you can see that it is completely different, and way better than what that “not so smart” CEO is telling his market.

Address skepticism head on.
Most people try to gloss over this.

That’s a surefire way to decrease response and obliterate trust because it’s like trying to ignore a giant elephant in the room.

You both know it’s there and if you pretend it’s invisible, you look like a moron.

The best approach is the “you might be wondering” language pattern.
It works like this:

First, you identify the main area of skepticism.

In this example, let’s say you’re selling a course on list-building …and the prospect’s main area of skepticism is that he thinks it will be too hard from a “tech” perspective.

The next step is to address this objection by framing it as a question he might be having.
Like this:

“You might be wondering how you’re going to survive the brutal paces of having to figure out complicated internet software.”

Now it’s time to answer that question using the classic “Feel, Felt, Found Pattern.”

That looks like this:

“I know exactly how you feel.
In fact, I felt the same way when I started!
And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.
In fact, it was worse than most people realize!
But a few months ago, I found a simple way to get my systems built that’s 100% tech-free.
I was able to build everything in an afternoon, and it was so easy …I didn’t even have to read the directions!
In fact, there was no software to install, no “code” of any kind, and when I think about it …it was actually fun!”


Share your original story.
Listen, as humans, we connect with stories.
We love characters, and we connect with them.

It is why soap operas are BIG. People will buy more from you if they know your story.

Go check every major religion, they all have a story book, for Christians, it the Bible. People will die for it, that is how powerful stories are.

Share Original Content.
The world is full of fakes. The worst thing you’d do to yourself is to create contents that are not original.

They customers wont talk to you but they will punish you by NOT buying from you. So, you want to avoid content that are not original.

Tackle Objection BEFORE they arise.
In the mind of your prospects are billions of questions. There are objections, and your content is supposed to handle these objections.

What might make them NOT buy? What will make them buy? Find serious answers to these questions, and watch your sales go up in a way it has never done.

Never assume they’ll not have objection, assume nothing, just find answers to the questions playing out in their heads.

As you’re reading this content, it is clear, it is actionable.
After reading this content, you’d have seen some real practical advise to take to the bank, right?

 That is what you should be doing in all of your marketing messages.

Tell them what to do next.
Everything you write or publish should have a desired end result that benefits you and the reader.

It could be to make a sale. It could be to get an opt-in.
Or maybe you just want them to leave a comment, “like” something on social media, or refer a friend.

Whatever it is, you need to explicitly tell them to do it, and why

I hope you had a great time reading but before you go…

I’ve got one last one for you.

Always use a P.S

You should always include a P.S. …for your free reports, sales letters, etc.

Well, I know …your English teacher from high school would tell you otherwise. Don’t listen to her.

Here’s why.

Lots of people scroll down to the end of the article before reading the whole thing.

…And the P.S. is a great place to restate your main point.

Like this: In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. An Easy way craft content that generate sales like crazy for you.

2. 9 Scientific ways to influence your readers while making them buy from you.

So, how are you going to use this for your next content?

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