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RAPID revenue growth

Win New Customers, Retain More Customers, and RAPIDLY Explode Revenue In 60days For Your Ecommerce, DTC, B2B, Subcription-based Companies OR...We Work For FREE!

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Want to squeeze out alot of money (6/7/8 figures per year) from your business without spending a cent more on marketing, and without cutting down profit?

If you're like most brands, you’ve been dumping a lot of money into online ads...

Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. 

And you’ve been increasing your ad spend every single month because that's what your marketing agency (and gurus) told you.

The irony here is that the more you spend on paid advertising, the less profit you'll make.

What if we told you there’s a jaw-dropping sum of untapped revenue potential sitting right under your nose?

Bags of money that would leave your competitors in awe wondering “Whoa, what’s their dirty little (marketing) secret?”.

That's what we do!

We are a badass team of email (& lifecycle) marketing super stars...

We increase loyal customers, skyrocket retention and dramatically grow your customer life-time value...

We grow sales and boost revenue by turning one-time buyers to life-long loyal buyers (AKA customer retention) to double, triple OR even quadruple your ARR.

Our clients get crazy results because we run them through our proprietary "Hyper Growth" protocol that that's relentless focused on...

Making sales and..

More sales, and revenue and...

Higher profit margins.

Our email (and lifecycle) marketing campaigns produces quick wins, and sustainable, predictable growth for the long term. 

And we're proud of our numbers...

, July,2021.

Dear business owner,

I totally understand…

Growing a business is really, really, really hard.

It is harder when you are not sure what to do, and it is even hardest when you’ve done everything you think you should be doing, and the result isn’t showing.

I totally get it.

You sitting down there, and you’re thinking to yourself ‘where will my next customer come from’ or ‘how are we going to survive this month?’.

And to add salt to injury, you do not really have that “clarity”, you don’t know the clear path to take.

You're saying to yourself ‘maybe we should start a Youtube channel’, and another voice is saying ‘No, start a podcast’

Then your inner voice says ‘have you not had of Facebook group? Everyone is talking about it’.

In the middle of all this confusion, you notice that one of your competitors is going on a media tour, Radio, TV, you name it...

You immediately say to yourself 'Maybe I should do this too'. 

To you, it seems like you’re in a crossroads.

You know you have a great product that your market needs, and you have their interest at heart, but why are you not making as much money as you should?

Look, I totally get you…

I know you are reading this right now because your business is NOT where you think It should be…

Even though you have done everything the “gurus” ask you to do.

Your mama and papa told you that if you want to be at the top, you've got to work hard, but you're working hard like crazy...

The result? 


And you really want to put a complete end to it.

OR maybe your business is already flying, but you simply want it to fly higher.

You just want more…

More high-valued customers.

More sales.

More (and bigger) profit.

More time with the people you love.

Whatever it is you want more of, we’ve got some amazing news for ya…

Because soon, you’d be waking up every morning, saying to yourself “so, life can be this great?”

You’ll be waking up to “begging to buy” prospects hitting your inbox faster than you even blink.

You’ll be getting more leads, more sales, and more profit in a month than you got in the last 12months…

Even if the economy is in deep sh*t.

You’ll never be up at night thinking, you’d start having sleeping like a toddler every single night.

You’ll be IN CONTROL, not under control.

We have “the secret key”…

The exact same key that has unlocked over 500million in sales for our clients in more than 90 different markets.

The best part is, we’d manage every single thing for you in a “done for you” style, and you’ll do NOTHING, and we also guarantee result…

We'd help you grow BIGGER, FASTER & SMARTER in the next 90days (or less), or we don't get paid.

If we don't get you the result (has NEVER happened in our history), you pay us NOTHING!

So, clearly, regardless of whatever happens, you'll come up the winner.

If you’re a mid-to-large company that wants to experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, rapidly.

$504 million reported In revenue addition



Number of Markets, Industries Niches.

Revenue Generated.
Reported Sales and

Reported Sales and Revenue Generated.

Wandering how we do it?

Through our proprietary lifecycle "Hyper-Growth" protocol. It's the exact protocol that we’ve used to…

  • Take a Startup from $0 to $2.7 million in 17 months …(and it is still counting)
  • Increase subcription growth by 618% in 5.4months.
  • Make $412% in additional sales WITHOUT spending a cent more in ad.
  • Take a increase AVO of an eCommerce Startup to $288 from mere $37, grossing over $890K in the first week.
  • Acquire over 33,000 users in 4weeks, converting 22.5% to paying customers.
  • Take a tech company from <50 demo enterprise demo booking to <814 monthly.
  • Take dying pest control company to $3.2M in sales…(and opening up 18 new outlets in 2.8months.)
  • Grow LTV to $2,000+, from $600, decreased churn by 10%, and improve retention by 51%.

We bridge The gap from $2M ARR To $5M,10M, $50M & beyond...

Just imagine a world where you have built a loyal community of customers who love you. They spend more, buy more often and recommend your business to their friends.

That's exactly what we'd do for you-from pre purchase to post purchase.

We’ll take your acquisition costs to an all time low BUT conversion & retention to will hit a NEW all time high.

We've completely eliminated "guessing" from marketing because we combine strategy, execution, data and technology to drive growth that focuses on...







Everything we do is about how to drive dramatical increase revenue because at the end of the day, it all boils down to MRR & ARR.

Let's say this differently;

Everything we do, from strategy to execution results in CONSISTENT revenue growth, period!

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5 star out of 444 reviews

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from strategy to tactical execution,the focus is on revnue & cx! 

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

Ad Budget Managed


Managed in ad budget, marketing campaigns & experiments for clients globally.                                              

Battles Fought


Marketing tests done for our clients in hundreds of industries, and over $50M in ad budget managed by us.

We have a proven framework and repeatable system that does the heavy lifting.

And helps you make an extra 6-8 figures in untapped revenue...Without spending more money on paid advertising...

We handle everything, completely done for you, from strategy to relentless executions

We are stack with the complete badass team of engineers, growth marketers, growth designers, data scientist, seasoned copywriters, optimizers, etc, with a combined experience of 165years who are insanely focused on;

Revenue growth, retention and loyalty.

The best part?

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

we guarantee your results, upfront...

We either get you the hyper growth you seek, or we work for FREE until we do.

We are literally putting our money where our month is, but WHY?


  • We are Havanzer!  Havanzer literally means growth in one of the Asia languages.
  • We have a proprietary system that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and additional revenue.
  • Customized Growth Blueprint. Every business is unique. We plan, strategized and execute a customized growth playbook that's specifically created for you and you alone, nothing generic.
  • We are data-driven-NO guesswork. We've completely eliminated guess work from marketing.

PLUS, we believe we don't deserve your money, if we can't get you the result.

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

Here's a true gossip about us!

Havanzer's ROI-driven and scientific method is unique, compared to most agencies. They focus solely on the most important thing a business needs to remain in business, Revenue! Beating them will be an almost impossible"

did You Just asked What Our Process looks like?

It's pretty SIMPLE!

  • Perform Strategic Email Revenue Audit: Basically, we want to know where you are now, and what you seeking to achieve.
  • Create Revenue-Focused Blueprint: Based on our discoveries in step 1, we'd create a customized blueprint, with a full focus on revenue growth.
  • Relentless Execution: Our badass team goes to work to bring it all to life-we move very fast, and make data-driven decisions.


What Does It Look Like Working With Havanzer?

Great question!

First, we focus on the "big picture" of your business. For ecommerce & DTC companies, that means "more revenue". For a subcription based company or SaaS, it could be retention-basically, they're seeking to get and retain more customers. However, for a B2B company, it could be demos, trials, meetings, etc.

Regardless of where you're, our ultimate goal is to help you amass more revenue, and to do so rapidly too.

Secondly, we're an extension of your team. Our seasoned email marketing experts will be working with you directly, from conception to execution.

What Do I Get?

It depends!

Typically, we handle everything FOR you. From strategies to execution. We handle the strategies, copy, template design, ESP setup, flows, A/B testing...we do everything!

We also work with you to make your offers more irresistible so you can make more money, plan your promo calender, etc. We are an extension of your company, the email marketing department of your company.

And yes, you really don't need to hire an inhouse email marketing manager or some "bogus" agency because we're the extension of your company, working together on a daily basis.

How Soon Should I Expert Results?

Amazing questions!

Since we're an extension of your company, your email marketing department, we move very rapidly, and our result come in very quickly too.

Specifically, it depends on where you're in your journey. Some of our clients start seeing results almost overnight because we saw "low hanging fruits" which they never thought existed but some others take a few weeks for things to kick-off and start flying but one thing is clear; Rapid, exponential, and guaranteed result.

How Did Havanzer Became The Best Email Marketing Agency?

We get asked this question all the time;

1: We are a complete extension of your company, the email marketing department. We deploy a team of seasoned email marketers, email copywriter, template designers, data scientists and marketing experts with a combined experience of more than 58years. 

2: We are insanely focus on revenue because that's what matters at the end of the day. So, our entire focus is on revenue growth, rapid one at that. Judge us by one thing-the amount of revenue we make you.

3:  We don't make emotional decision, we use data-first approach to drive result.

4: We guarantee result. For us, we believe we are not deserving of your dime if we can't get you result. 

Do you have a data-led approach?

Yes, 100%. We don't make emotional decision, we allow data to direct our path, and that's why we always win. Infact, we have seasoned data scientists and analysts inhouse-some of the best the world has to offer.

finally ready for hyper growth? Just hit the button down!

finally ready to crush & win big?

 Just hit the button down!

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