Get 40-550 “ready to buy” clients every single month  With Facebook /INSTAGRAM Ads

We will use our custom 'SSP' method  to tap into this huge market and get you atleast 40-550 'SALIVATING' prospects itching to buy your products and services using our SSP method and Facebook/Instagram ad.

The best place to get 'ready to buy' prospects...

Facebook has over 2.8 Billion people currently.

156 Million of them are in Africa,and 31million of them in...

You guessed right, Nigeria.

The truth is Facebook and Instagram are not just for gossips and socializing anymore. It’s place for growing your business.

If you're not currently using Facebook/Instagram to your advantage in this new age, you're risking the future of your business.

And if you're already using it, chances are that you're losing alot of money to your competitors.… and wasting your time and money on outdated Facebook advertising method that are not working.


Start getting 'ready to buy' dream clients who spend like 'no man's business'

Imagine being able to present your products and services to a combined audience of 3.8 billion people on Facebook and Instagram.

You'll be able reach 'itching to buy' prospects, no matter where they live in the world.

Currently, there's no TV or Radio that provide this type of opportunity.

 Not only does Facebook place 31 million Nigerians within your reach instantly, but it also allows you to zero in on your ideal prospects for maximum result.

We help create and launch Facebook and Instagram ads that progressively and repeatably improve your sales, exponentially grow revenue and maximize your profit.

How would you like this type of results for your company...

best digital marketing agency Lagos

Or this...

facebook advertising agency in Lagos

want Our Team OF Growth
strategists to Turn Your $1 Into $3, $5 Into $10 or more?

 Right now, you have the biggest opportunity staring you in the face-a huge crowd of hungry buyers ready to buy from you.

There's no need to 'waste' money and time on Facebook ad that gets no bankable results.

When we combine our SSP method and Facebook/Instagram ads, you'll be able to turn every $1 in ad spent into $3 in new paying customers

However, now is the best time to get started because your competitors are not sleeping, they're researching and looking for ways to send you packing.

 Let us help you slaughter the competition, and send them into 'panic' mode.

Just click the button below, and our Growth Strategist will give you N450,000 worth of growth advice for FREE.

If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them.

The team at Havanzer produces stunning results. If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them. I firmly believe Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) is the best marketing expert I've seen so far.

Working with them gave us the potential to 10X our company in 12months.

The first time I heard Johnson Emmanuel (founder of Havanzer) on a podcast, I had to contact him straight up. I instantly knew he was the marketing guy I was looking for. Working with them gave us the potential to 10xing our company in 12months. If you’ve been looking for a marketing advisor or agency, Johnson is your man. He’s a marketing phenomenon. Seriously, he’s a marketing genius. If you ever have the opportunity of working with his company, DO IT. They have a heart to TRULY help beyond the money.

They exploded our sales beyond our thinking

Our company was going through a lot of challenges. We threw a lot of money away trying to solve the problem but it persisted. I took a leap of faith and flew from Portharcourt to Lagos to meet Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer), and that singular decision saved our company. They exploded our sales beyond our thinking. We are still reaping the benefit of working with them, it would never have been possible without their help.

if you ever have the opportunity of working with them,take a leap of faith and do it!

My first experience with Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) was the purchase of his best selling book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS. That completely and absolutely blew my mind. I couldn’t resist jumping at the opportunity of working one on one with them. Listen, if you ever have the opportunity of working with them, don’t procrastinate, don’t delay, take a leap of faith and do it!

Copy of They made us 3years revenue in 1year

Working with Havanzer did one thing for us- RAPID GROWTH. Great team lead by a superb marketer and growth expert. They helped us make way more sales, and grew our revenue more than we did 3years ago. We got 3years revenue in 1year by working with them. They gave us market-place authority and gave our competitors a lot of sleepless nights. We can never end the partnership with Havanzer.

Adaugo Ugo CEO, Dafalcon's Place
Derin Ogunmola Senior Lead, Dorothy David Consulting
Elera Nwogu CEO, A'Dimes Symphony
Samuel Obe Software developer, founder, Lubia View LTD,
Rosanda Lyon Marketing Manager, Classic Technology, South Africa




How Would You Like Your
BUSINESS to Be flooded with
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