DON'T Hire A Digital Marketing Agency UNLESS...

digital marketing experts in nigeria

It is TRUE!

The fastest way to grow & scale any company in this new world is by creating and launching  digital marketing campaigns.

Look, Nigeria is projected to spend well over 800 million dollars in online advertising in 2020.

Guess what?

South Africa did over $2.8 billion in 2017, and Morocco spent over $800 million in digital marketing campaigns with several digital marketing agencies in  2017.

They spent that much because they know that online marketing campaign is the NOW and the FUTURE but...

Selecting a good digital marketing agency to grow your business can be a daunting task especially now that the barrier to entry is extremely low.

Hang on…

Did I saw low?

It almost doesn’t exist.

As a result, there’re hundreds and thousands of digital marketing agencies in Lagos and the entire Africa continent.

Seriously, I challenge you, just Google ‘digital advertising agency in Lagos’ or  ‘best digital marketing agencies in Africa’, you would see hundreds and thousands of returned results.

top digital marketing agency

The problem now is...

 What digital  marketing agency should you trust or who is the best marketing consultant you should pick to help you create rapid growth?

I understand that feeling because…

Recently, something crazy happened.

There’s this BIG company that reached out to us, and wanted to hire our digital marketing agency to help them explode their sales and revenue.

The director of marketing told us that he had heard a lot of what we do at our ad agency and wanted our help quickly.

We got talking…

The first question we asked them was ‘what is your monthly advertising budget’, they said N15 million naira.

That’s 180 million/ year ($500,000).

Not bad!

Anyway, we asked them to tell us, how they’ve been spending the money and what the result has been since the last few months.

I noticed something when we asked this question…

Everybody went mute!

I was stunned because we were not speaking Greek.

To cut a long story short, they said, all they know is that they have an ad budget that must be burnt (spent) each month.

I was so stunned to hear this BUT  it's a thing i hear often.

There’s no better way to burn money faster than this.

And you'd be shocked that even BIG advertising agencies  and well renowned digital marketing agencies are guilty of this.

If you’ve fallen for this before, it’s not your fault,and if you’ve not, here’s the opportunity to be wise when choosing an online marketing agency to handle your ads campaigns.


 What are the things you should lookout for when you want to hire a digital marketing agency to handle your

marketing campaigns?

Let me warn you upfront…

What I’m going to say are controversial.

Not because they’re not true but because they are truer than what the market wants you to know, and they’re truer that what the big advertising agencies want you to believe.

So, are you ready?

Let's go!

How Do They Run Their Own Business?

Many people who run ad agencies are in it for the money.

That’s all they care about.

Never hire a digital marketing agency or ad agency that is in it for the money alone, and that’s not to say the money isn’t important, it is.

However, the result is more important than anything else.

Take us for example…

Search for ‘premium clients’, you would see us come tops on the search bar.


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the talk!

If you also search 'how to get premium clients' you'll see US popping at your face.

These are premium  terms.

Think about it...

We are in the most competitive market.

Competing against digital marketing agencies like ours, yet, we're taking them to the cleaners.

Listen, we eat our own dog food.

If you’re going to hire an online marketing agency, look out for how they handle their own business.

If they don’t do theirs well, chances are they won’t do yours well.

I released a spanking  new book titled DEEP POCKET CLIENTS, it’s a book that shows you how to get premium clients.

deep pocket clients book

CEOs,executives and other business owners were thankful.


I shared practical example of how we exploding our businesses and those of our clients, and most importantly, how anyone can replicate the result.

The book is so good that someone got 4 premium clients in 10days after reading the book.

Take a look below:

review of deep pocket clients by Toyin Omotoso
review of deep pocket clients by UCHENNA NNADI

review of deep pocket clients by UCHENNA NNADI

Grab A FREE Copy of...

Deep Pocket Clients Now!

Look, before you hire a digital agency, be sure they know what they’re doing with their own brands.

We do a lot of stuff when it comes to helping companies grow their revenue and we constantly share our secrets in our other marketing consulting company to help folks learn.

What Results Do They Promise?

This may shock you but don’t be…

A recent report shows that 78% of CEOs believe that digital marketing agencies, marketing consultants  and social media agencies promise what we call ‘ego metrics’.

Someone else call it ‘feel good’ results.

These are results that make you feel good, they do not actually grow business.

Most ad agencies promise ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘followers’, etc.

Look, all these things do not increase your bank account.

They don’t fatten your bank account.

You can’t bank those.

Look, I know people who built multi-million dollar businesses, and they have less than 2,000 social following.

A client came to us to complain how the online marketing agency they were working with gave them a lot of social likes, and they initially liked it because they felt they were making progress, but after a while, they had to look for an alternative.

Look, what you need is an ROI driven digital marketing agency that will help you explode sales, exponentially grow your revenue …and give you a high profit margin.

Whatever you do should LAND YOU HERE!

Anything else is waste of marketing budget.

Take us for example, that is exactly what we do here!

A clients gives us $3,663 in ad budget, and we gave the clients over $59,000 back in sales and revenue.

best digital marketing agency Lagos


When another clients gives us $16,000 to help them manage their campaigns, we returned back over $251,000 in revenue.

facebook advertising agency in Lagos

These are what counts.

You need to be able to spend $1 with a good digital advertising agency to get back atleast $3.

This is the major thing you should consider when you want to hire a marketing agency.

Do not hire an ad agency that cannot give you an ROI on your ad spend. Your marketing is supposed to be an investment, not an expense.

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Do They Guarantee Results?

Listen, the advertising agencies in Nigeria and indeed Africa may come for my head because of this but I don’t bloody care.

Enough is enough!

You deserve to know the truth because you’ve been fed with BIG fat lies long enough.

First, marketing is an investment, not an expense.

Once marketing doesn’t return ROI, it becomes an expense.

Once marketing fails to return an ROI, it becomes an expense.

Johnson Emmanuel

And when marketing becomes an expense, your business is in danger.

Anyway, I’m going to challenge you RIGHT NOW…

Go meet any known digital marketing agency or regular advertising agency ask them if they guarantee results, they will scream “NO” and they will even give you 1 billion excuses to justify them.

You will hear them say stuff like…

‘well, we cannot guarantee result because there are just too many factors that may not be within out control, and as a result, we can’t’’.

Seriously, those words sound nice…

Think about it for a minute…

Why will you buy a product that you’re not sure if you will use it or not.

Let me explain…

Imagine going to a good restaurant to order for a meal, and when it is time to be served the meal, you’re told that you may get the meal and you may not.

Then you ask them ‘why’…

They say, “well, our chef just told us that he is not sure if the food will be cooked or not”.

Would you still go ahead and order the food?

Ofcourse you wouldn’t.

Any digital marketing agency that know what they are doing will guarantee result, RUN AWAY IF THEY DO NOT!

Seriously, run!

Here, we are very, very selective but if you’re lucky and we agree to work with you, you’re GUARANTEED to skyrocket your sales and exponentially grow your revenue.

Your competitors are in a big trouble.

And if you let your competitors allow us work with them, you're also in trouble.

Point is,we WALK THE TALK, we guarantee results!

We believe that we don’t deserve your money if we cannot give you life-changing results.

Sadly, many ad agencies will not dare do this, and if they try it, they’ll run out of business.


We KNOW what we’re doing here but many don't know what they're doing.

What do they charge?

I recently read a story of a woman who approach a leading ad agency to help them run her campaigns.

She was very excited because she felt the fees were ‘OK’ for her, it was reasonable according to her.

Few months later, she didn’t get any result.

She felt bad and cheated.

Listen, you get what you pay for.

A good online advertising agency isn’t cheap.

No, it’s not!

If you really want to get a great digital marketing agency that produces stunning result, they do not come cheap.

Let me give you an instance…

If you have an advertising budget of $25,000 and we help you manage that ad budget and turned it into $75,000 in revenue for you…

What do you think out fees should be?


Ofcourse not!

Infact, most times, we even do what we call performance based marketing.

You don’t pay us any fee upfront until we produce result, we share in your profit.

Why would we do that?

It’s simple, we know we can produce result.

We’re absolutely certain we can produce life-changing result.

Our clients usually don’t want to leave us even though they know we’re charging a premium.

They can’t leave because they know they always get atleast $3 for every $1 they spend.

Any marketing advertising agency that doesn’t do this doesn’t deserve your money.

Should You Do Your Marketing In-House or Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

This is a great question but before you decide to do this inhouse, you would need to be honest with yourself...

I mean, extreme honesty.

First, take an inventory of your team, do you really think you have the experience to handle the type of digital marketing campaigns that you want to run?

I mean, are you really sure you do?

Clients come to us because they know we have the years of experience.

For example, we are over 30 amazing people on our team and we have prolific marketers, growth hackers, content marketers and just about anything you can think of.

30+ in number.

Most businesses don’t have the type of experience that we have, and they usually outsource their marketing to us.

And it’s always a great decision because it allows them to focus on other aspects of their business while we run the marketing for them.

Secondly, what tools do you have at your disposal?

We are an agency, we have spent a lot of money (thousands of dollars) and time on tools.

As a company, you may not have  those.

It’s understandable.

99% of the time, it’s best to hire an ad agency to help with your marketing campaigns.

Do They Have Specialty?

If an online marketing agency say they can do everything for you, it’s a sign that they cannot do anything for you.

If they promise to handle every aspect of fact for you, it’s time to run away.


We have a combined experience of over 160years here at Havanzer, yet, we can’t promise ‘everything’ because we don’t do everything.

For us, we help our clients generate steady flow of their dream clients, explode sales and exponentially grow revenue and profit.

That’s all we do!

We don’t do branding.

We don’t sit down conceptualizing cute TV ads.

We help our clients make way more money than they paid us.

If you’re working with an ad agency that doesn’t have focus, chances are that you will not also have a focus, as par growing your company.

You need people who are specialist, not generalist.

If you go to the hospital right now for a surgery, you would want to meet a specialist in that area, not some generalist.

That’s exactly what you should also be doing with your business, too.

Conclusively, when you want to pick a digital marketing agency, you want to first KNOW WHAT YOU GOAL is.

I mean, the goal that is most important to your business.

Most of the time, that goal is sales, revenue and profit.

Always bear in mind that, when your marketing works, everything else within your business will work.

People hire accountant because their marketing is working.

I mean, what company need the services of an accountant if their’s nothing to ‘count’.

All your effort must be to get a digital marketing agency in Lagos or anywhere else that can kick your business into revenue overdrive.

Bear in mind that every marketing dollar must come back with a return on that investment, that’s the only way to keep growing.

I know a few of our clients who have unlimited marketing budget because their marketing is working.

I mean, if your marketing is working, you don’t need to have a fixed budget, you keep spending as long as you get a return on that investment.


Let me know what help you need or what question you have, we’ll answer ALL.

Go ahead, leave your comment, question below!

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