get a 'Marketing Funnel' that generates  flood of ‘Ready to buy’ customers, 24hours in a day.

You DON'T need a website, You need a high-performance marketing funnel that runs 24hours daily, turning total strangers into raving, loyal customers, RAPIDLY boosting your sales,revenue and profit.

You Don't need a website, get a high-powered marketing machine that relentlessly generates 'itching to buy' customers,every single minute, every hour,every day & every month.

What if we say you DON'T need a website,would you believe us?

OK,listen to this...

If you currently have a website, look at your sales, and revenue, how much has the website contributed to your sales and revenue in the last 30days?

Does your current website generate highly qualified prospects who can easily become customers without you lifting a finger?

Can you confidently go to sleep tonight, and wakeup tomorrow morning with requests from potential customers wanting to do business with you as a result of your website?

Can your website generate 'ready to buy' leads and sales WITHOUT you lifting a finger?

If your website isn't doing ANY (and all) of these, then you need to abandon it.

It's COSTING you alot of money.

Here's the sad reality...

When most companies need a website design service, they rush to a web design company who creates a 'fancy' looking website that does almost nothing.

The web design company crafts a 'shining' or 'creative' website that DOESN'T contribute meaningfully to the growth of the company.

Your website is supposed to generate 'itching to buy' customers, it is supposed to generate sales and revenue for you while you (or even your team) sleep, running 24/7.

Yes, without you lifting a finger.

Sadly, most websites DON'T, and it is even worse if you don't have a website at all.

The truth is that you don't need to blame the web design companies, they know nothing about sales,revenue or profit.

They're 'creatives'.

What you need is...

A Marketing Funnel that relentlessly attract and convert browsers & total strangers into buyers who buy repeatedly...

WITHOUT you lifting a finger.

 hurry, waste no time.

click the link below to get N450,000 worth of 'GROWTH advice'  for free before your competitors beat you to it.

The 'Growth' Secret
 web DESIGN Companies will
nEver Tell You

In today's 'digital' age, your website is supposed to be the 'epic' center of all your marketing activities.

It is supposed to be working HARDER for you (and your team).

Therefore,it makes no sense to have a website crafted by a 'team' of designers. 

You need a marketing funnel handcrafted by dedicated team of direct-response marketers and digital growth experts (with a combined experience of 194 years) , who know what it takes to get you more sales and make you tonnes more money.

If your marketing funnel converts more of your prospects into paying customers than your competitors website – it means you can afford to spend more money on marketing.

What will then happen is that...

You gain more attention, more visibility and acquire customers far cheaper and (even) faster than your competitors, ultimately you'll grab the biggest market share and at the same time, send your competitors into 'panic mode'.

We'll help you craft a marketing funnel that will help you:

  • Outspend your competitors,make your more profit so that you'll easily send them to 'panic mode' and emerge as the 'king of the jungle'.
  • Generate 'itching to buy' prospects of high value who  can easily be converted to customers without 'stories'
  • Grow your market share, while your competitors panic.
  • Be Position #1 on top Google searches and still turn a healthy profit

But the first thing you need to do to even stand a chance is to click the link below to speak with our growth strategist.

A Marketing funnel (NOT Just a website) that attracts 'high value' prospects,converts them to customers and also turn the customers to your ​advocates.

 Would You Like Your
inbox to Be flooded with ‘begging to buy’ leads and prospects like this?


​Or this...


If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them.

The team at Havanzer produces stunning results. If you cannot handle at least a 500% increase in sales, please, don't work with them. I firmly believe Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) is the best marketing expert I've seen so far.

Copy of They made us 3years revenue in 1year

Working with Havanzer did one thing for us- RAPID GROWTH. Great team lead by a superb marketer and growth expert. They helped us make way more sales, and grew our revenue more than we did 3years ago. We got 3years revenue in 1year by working with them. They gave us market-place authority and gave our competitors a lot of sleepless nights. We can never end the partnership with Havanzer.

They exploded our sales beyond our thinking

Our company was going through a lot of challenges. We threw a lot of money away trying to solve the problem but it persisted. I took a leap of faith and flew from Portharcourt to Lagos to meet Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer), and that singular decision saved our company. They exploded our sales beyond our thinking. We are still reaping the benefit of working with them, it would never have been possible without their help.

if you ever have the opportunity of working with them,take a leap of faith and do it!

My first experience with Johnson Emmanuel (founder, Havanzer) was the purchase of his best selling book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS. That completely and absolutely blew my mind. I couldn’t resist jumping at the opportunity of working one on one with them. Listen, if you ever have the opportunity of working with them, don’t procrastinate, don’t delay, take a leap of faith and do it!

Working with them gave us the potential to 10X our company in 12months.

The first time I heard Johnson Emmanuel (founder of Havanzer) on a podcast, I had to contact him straight up. I instantly knew he was the marketing guy I was looking for. Working with them gave us the potential to 10xing our company in 12months. If you’ve been looking for a marketing advisor or agency, Johnson is your man. He’s a marketing phenomenon. Seriously, he’s a marketing genius. If you ever have the opportunity of working with his company, DO IT. They have a heart to TRULY help beyond the money.

Adaugo Ugo CEO, Dafalcon's Place
Rosanda Lyon Marketing Manager, Classic Technology, South Africa
Elera Nwogu CEO, A'Dimes Symphony
Samuel Obe Software developer, founder, Lubia View LTD,
Derin Ogunmola Senior Lead, Dorothy David Consulting


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