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Make BIG Money Every Month WITHOUT Doing Any Work, Just Refer One Client To Us, And Get Paid Handsomely Every Month, NO STORIES

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Updated on Wednesday,August 30th,2023!

Dear Friend,

There's a HUGE (free) money making opportunity I want to share with you, and if you act fast, you'll never lack money again...

You'll be making alot of (BIG) money that you did not work for every single month.

You (or your company) will have a NEW stream of income that you least expected...

And I mean 'BIG money' new stream of income that is guaranteed to flow into your bank account every single month WITHOUT you doing the actual work.

Yes, you heard me right...

BIG money that you didn't work for, we'd do the work for you.

I mean life-changing money.

So, when I say "money", I mean good money...

And it'll be hitting your account every single month, maybe for life.

Look, you're in the right place and at the right time...

I know this sound very crazy, I know, I know...

BUT, I mean every single word.

Just calm down and follow me because...

I know this next thing on your mind could be "how possible is this?" OR "is this not one of those scams online?".

Fair questions!

I mean, just google "how to make money online", you'd find billions of articles but do they really work?

As a matter of fact, every sane person would be skeptical AND...

 I get you but calm down, will you?

Just hear me out, huh?

And oh, incase you wondering "is this some kind of affiliate program or something like that?".

Can you just stop asking questions, and keep reading? 

I mean NOT just reading but reading with an open heart because what I'm going to say next will blow you off your seat.

Are you ready for this?

Well, I run what has now been described as the fastest growing digital marketing agency and...

We're killing it for our clients in an unprecedented way...

Like, killing it big.

We've helped our clients manage tens (and tens and tens) of millions of dollars in marketing budget while also...

Generating multiple tens (and tens and tens) of million of dollars for them in sales.

We're able to do this because of our unique "secret" selling system that has been deployed in...

, July,2021.

Dear business owner,

I totally understand…

Growing a business is really, really, really hard.

It is harder when you are not sure what to do, and it is even hardest when you’ve done everything you think you should be doing, and the result isn’t showing.

I totally get it.

You sitting down there, and you’re thinking to yourself ‘where will my next customer come from’ or ‘how are we going to survive this month?’.

And to add salt to injury, you do not really have that “clarity”, you don’t know the clear path to take.

You're saying to yourself ‘maybe we should start a Youtube channel’, and another voice is saying ‘No, start a podcast’

Then your inner voice says ‘have you not had of Facebook group? Everyone is talking about it’.

In the middle of all this confusion, you notice that one of your competitors is going on a media tour, Radio, TV, you name it...

You immediately say to yourself 'Maybe I should do this too'. 

To you, it seems like you’re in a crossroads.

You know you have a great product that your market needs, and you have their interest at heart, but why are you not making as much money as you should?

Look, I totally get you…

I know you are reading this right now because your business is NOT where you think It should be…

Even though you have done everything the “gurus” ask you to do.

Your mama and papa told you that if you want to be at the top, you've got to work hard, but you're working hard like crazy...

The result? 


And you really want to put a complete end to it.

OR maybe your business is already flying, but you simply want it to fly higher.

You just want more…

More high-valued customers.

More sales.

More (and bigger) profit.

More time with the people you love.

Whatever it is you want more of, we’ve got some amazing news for ya…

Because soon, you’d be waking up every morning, saying to yourself “so, life can be this great?”

You’ll be waking up to “begging to buy” prospects hitting your inbox faster than you even blink.

You’ll be getting more leads, more sales, and more profit in a month than you got in the last 12months…

Even if the economy is in deep sh*t.

You’ll never be up at night thinking, you’d start having sleeping like a toddler every single night.

You’ll be IN CONTROL, not under control.

We have “the secret key”…

The exact same key that has unlocked over 500million in sales for our clients in more than 90 different markets.

The best part is, we’d manage every single thing for you in a “done for you” style, and you’ll do NOTHING, and we also guarantee result…

We'd help you grow BIGGER, FASTER & SMARTER in the next 90days (or less), or we don't get paid.

If we don't get you the result (has NEVER happened in our history), you pay us NOTHING!

So, clearly, regardless of whatever happens, you'll come up the winner.

If you’re a mid-to-large company that wants to experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, rapidly.

119 Different markets & INDUSTRIES To Generate $504 million In Sales 



Number of Markets, Industries Niches.

Revenue Generated.
Reported Sales and

Reported Sales and Revenue Generated.

Plus, we’ve also used this "classified" selling system to…

  • Take a real estate start-up from $0 to $2.7 million in 17 months …(and they've been growing and making sales like crazy, year on year!)
  • Take a 'dying' one man consulting company to 20 persons company, adding over $2million in less than 2years…(while also simultaneously positioning them as a 'market leader' in their space.)
  • Generate more than 62,000 prospects & dream clients for a financial service company in less than 90days…(And eventually exploding sales and profit in 24months than they did in their entire 13years existence.)
  • Take new tech company from 326  leads & demo bookings to over 2,349 per month…(the company's value went up and investors were fighting over a piece of the company!)
  • Take dying pest control company to $3.2M in sales…(and opening up 18 new outlets in 2.8months.)
  • Take a (now) leading US roofing company from 64 sales appointments per month to 413 (taking revenue from $1.25M/year to $2,800,000/Month in less than 36months)

Look, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

We've deployed this "classified selling" system in almost every industry you can possibly imagine and...

We can spend the whole week talking about successful stories like this, and we'll still not be done...

We work with (selected) small businesses to FUNDED  startups, and all the way up to multi-billion dollar brands to apply this “classified selling" system…

And the results are ALWAYS insanely good.

We know that this new “system” for selling is the hottest (and most effective) sales vehicle for growing sales, revenue and multiplying profit...

And we're even literarily  guaranteeing that it'll get ANY business that that deploys it more sales, more profit AND...

That's where our...

Partnership referral program that makes you BIG Money ...

Comes in and...

You don't have to do the work, we'd.

In 2019, alot of people started reaching out because words started flying around about the amazing (and insane) results we're getting for our clients.

So, some people who couldn't afford us but they seriously wanted to work with us in "some ways" started reaching out.

We started getting ALOT of emails like this...

At first, I told them to "Stop it! We ain't gonna do it" (in my American accent).

BUT they didn't stop, the emails kept rushing in.

Don't blame us for saying "NO", we are the winning team when it comes to growing business exponentially online...

So, we didn't see the need for us to have a partnership referral program...

And even if we wanted to have it, it can't just be like what other people are doing.

We're Havanzer!

We have a unique way of doing things, we call it "The Havanzer Way!"

Anyway, in 2020 up to March 2021, the emails were persistent.

Then, we felt it was time!

The voice of the people, they say, is the voice of God,huh?

Now, this is the fun part, come closer...

If you (or your company) join the Havanzer Partnership Referral Program (HPRP), we guarantee you'll make BIG money...

Just refer the client to us, and you'll get paid instantly, no stories.

If the client signs up for our monthly re-occurring product/service, you'll also be making money every single month for life, doing nothing, as long as the client stays.

Did you notice I said a "client?".

NOT a lead, NOT a prospect, a client BUT...

This is even the fun part...

You'll get between 5% to 20%, depending on if you're a corporate organization or an individual.

That's alot of money for you because our clients pay big money.

If a client pays  N50,000,000 even if you get 10% of that, that is already N5,000,000.

FREE MONEY for you!

And if in the worst case, you close only 5 clients in a year (but we'll show you how to close more) that is already N25M.

If you close 10?

Damn it!

That's N50M!

Did I mention the car gift yet?

Well, you stand a chance to win a new car, too!

And no worries, like I said, we'll (even) show you how to get these clients effortlessly.

Now, that's not even all, wait, there's more!

We've services that charges clients monthly re-occurring fees so you'll also be getting a percentage of that fee every month for life, as long as the client stays.

Your ONLY job is to bring in the client, we'll do the rest.

Incase you missed it, here's what you get...

  • 5%-20% of whatever a client pays.
  • A chance to get a NEW car.
  • Exclusive training, kits and tools to help you close more clients.
  • Monthly re-occurring fees for life.
  • In fact, you'll all the support from our sales team to help you close more clients effortlessly.

There's even much more...

Like if a client is acting "hard to close" our award winning sales team could come in to help you close them without sweat, and YOU will still keep your money 100%.

There's much more to be said but I can't because...

I know some of my competitors will be poke nosing to steal from me again, so I wont say everything here.

And oh, if you're selected to join the program, you'll get all BUT...

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

This program is for people who want to help businesses to win BIG!

We're going to use a fine-tooth comb to select the the best partners for this program.

And one more thing...

To help our partners win big, we have a cap...

We take only limited number of partners in a quarter, Sometimes, we don't even select a partner in a quarter.

Ya, ONLY selected people (or companies) will be able to join and we prefer...

People (or companies) OUTSIDE Nigeria.

People (or companies) that have some form of "contacts" or leverage or  some B2B connections.

People (or companies) in big (and major) cities like Lagos, PH or Abuja.

People (or companies) who are very, very hungry and extremely passionate about sales and marketing.

People who have track records of selling stuffs or hungry to do so.

Our programs are the easiest to sell because we have a track record, and we...

don't do this

"guarantee results for all our clients"

You're going to be partnering with a company that has proven track results, with proven results for clients.

So, there's nothing like "what happens if I bring the client, and you don't deliver?".


First, we are the ONLY digital marketing agency crazy enough to make this type of insane offer...

I mean, we literally guarantee sales, more revenue and higher profit...

Goodluck looking for a marketing agency that come close and...

We checked, NONE!

You're going to be a partner to a...

"Marketing hit squad" with a combined *hands on* experience of 175 "unbeatable" years...

Look, our "marketing hit squad" have won ALMOST ALL the marketing awards (and laurels) there is to win...

Including the "Marketing Grammys" awards and...

Listen very carefully because this is so important...

We manage tens of millions of dollars in ad budget for our clients, generating over $504Million in reported sales and revenue in more than 119 industries, markets & niches for our clients.

If that isn't crazy, I don't know what is!

5 star rating out of 335



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5 star out of 444 reviews

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Humans lie but numbers don't, We take pride in our numbers!

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

revenue generated


We're 100% focused on ROI. Over $504M reportedly generated for our clients.                                              

Leads Generated


Highly targeted, "wallet ready" leads & prospects driven for our clients.                                               

Audience Size


Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs come to us for marketing help, weekly.                                               

Ad Budget Managed


Managed in ad budget, marketing campaigns & experiments for clients globally.                                              

Battles Fought


Marketing tests done for our clients in hundreds of industries, and over $50M in ad budget managed by us.

We're Havanzer!

Every single thing we do here has one MAJOR goal... 


We're obsessively focused on sales, revenue and higher profits because...

That is what matters in every company.

Sales is what keeps any business in business.

That is what we do for our clients, and as our partner, it'll a great selling point to use to close your clients.

Just tell them "there's this digital marketing agency that has developed a unique "secret" selling system...

The best part is, they focus on making you more sales, more revenue and higher profit and...

They guarantee result".

It's as simple as that.

Lol, I'm just kidding, but you get the point, right?

There's hardly any company you'll tell that they wont take you seriously.

So, you'll be helping us reach more entrepreneurs, while also making yourself (or your company) alot of money that you'd not have made AND...

The most important thing is...

You'd be helping entrepreneurs, founders & CEOs to build...

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

a better,bigger & more profitable businesses.

Wouldn't you like to be part of the success stories of amazing companies?

Just imagine the impact you would make in the lives of the company founders, the employees, investors, etc.

They'll never forget you because it was you that brought them to a company that helped them grow more.

For us, this tripartite referral partnership program will help the companies you refer to us to grow stronger, faster and bigger while you...

make big money every month without doing the actual work!

Yes, you don't have to do the work.

We'll do it.

Just refer the client to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

We do revenue share, not profit share, that means more money for you.

If you're an individual or an Agency, creative firm, developer, consulting firm, IT firm, and investor, you're a great potential fit for us, but we don’t stop there....

We can work with any company or major influencer with an agreeable process and company base as long as it matches our value proposition and clients description AND...

We prefer to work with FUNDED startups, thriving small businesses to multi-billion companies.

4.61 stars out of 311 reviews

Here's a true gossip about us!

Havanzer's ROI-driven and scientific method is unique, compared to most agencies. They focus solely on the most important thing a business needs to remain in business, SELLING! Beating them will be an almost impossible task.

Warning: We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time 

What's your next step?

You're still here,huh?


Here's just what you need to do, and..

  • First, you'll need to apply below, and you want to be as detailed as possible, but it is pretty easy, just 2-3minutes stuff. We made it easy!
  • Secondly, if your application goes through and you're picked, you'll be required to make a NON-refundable fee of N65,000 ($150) AND...

Even if at the worst case, you close a N10M client, we give you N1,000,000 you'd have made back your N65K almost 18times.

This is just for one deal!

So, you see, you're the winner here AND...

If you're NOT selected,  the N65,000 ($150) will be refunded back to you, the same day, no stories!

It's even get better...

Because since our fees are high, imagine you refer a N50M client, 5 of them in a year.

Guess what?

You'll have atleast N25M, that is at 10%, and it could be even double, AND...

Oh, if you scream at the N65K ($ 150), it makes our "filtering" process very easy, because it simply means this is NOT for you


How Does This Partnership Program Work?

Great question!

It's pretty simple and straight forward.

We are the fastest growing marketing agency. When you refer a client to us, we give you between 5% to 20% of the revenue share, that is, what they pay.

I said "revenue share", not "profit share".

That means, as we make more, you make more.

Just refer a client to us, and you'd get paid handsomely.

We'll handle the whole executive of the projects, you do nothing!

How Soon Do I get Paid, and How Much can I/we Make?

Once you become a partner, the same day the client signs up and pays is the same day you get paid. All our partners get paid the same day the referred clients signs on but usually not later than 24hours,except on weekends.

The amount you make is totally dependent on you, which makes the program very interesting.

So, there's no cap on what you can make, you determine it...the more clients you're able to refer, the more money you'll make.

Can A Company Partner With You?


IT firms, agencies, consulting firms, creative firms or any company that serves our client profile is a perfect fit for us.

We partner with such companies in a tripartite win situation.

All though this is not a white label service but in some extreme, and very unique situation, we might consider white labelling.

Otherwise, we handle the contracting ourselves, while our partnering company gets paid for referral.

Are There Fees To Be Paid To Join?

For established companies with some serious B2B connections and contact, it is free at the moment. They pay nothing to join the partnership program.

However, for individual level, there's a N65,000 ($150) fee. Currently it is one time, but we'd make it yearly fees in the next few months. If you join today, you wont be affected by the change.

Like I told you, this is not a fee, it is an investment because with only one client, you'd can get 20x return of the investment made.

We use this as a sign of your commitment to the program because we seek to have partners who are truly hungry.

Do You Give Kits, Trainings, Support To Help Us Close More Clients?


Once you join, you'll get Havanzer branded kits, tools and serious trainings, just to help you close these clients effortless.

We'd also tell you more about the products and services to sell, and show you how to sell them so you can close more clients.

If you're having issues closing a client, our sales team can also come in to help you and you'll still keep all your commission to yourself.

However, this isn't applicable to companies, only individuals.

still want to make free money? Hit the damn button!

finally ready to crush & win big?

 Just hit the button down!

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