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How do you get real estate clients who are willing, able and ready to buy from you, without "long stories"?

There's a secret to making that happen, and today, you'll see it.

I know you’re reading this  because you want to know how to effectively market your real estate company in this fast changing world, and get huge profit.

We do alot of real estate marketing because some of our clients are (some) of the biggest real estate companies.

If you do try to market your real estate companies like most of your competitors, you'll end up bleeding your marketing budget dry.

We've heard alot of real estate marketing  & construction companies say, their online marketing isn't working.

There's a reason why.

It cant work because they use the wrong approach, sometimes, it may work today, and tomorrow, it'll stop working.

I know you want to know EXACTLY how to make your own work, because you want to;

Generate eager, wallet-ready clients who don't mess a round.

You want to grow revenue, and sales without making stupid mistakes.

Look, Some of the strategies we'll share here have...

Generated tens of millions of high-valued real estate prospects, and tens of millions of dollars for our clients, in real estate.

So, this isn't some kind of "theoretical", paper-good-only advise.

If you know one thing with Havanzer, we're DOERS!

Anyway, shall we get started?

Look, one thing we all know is that real estate is a highly contested market, and unless you know what you’re doing, your competitors are going to have an easy ride.

In 2019, the co-founder of a leading real estate company approached us, in our conversation, he told us that he believed they had the best product but their competitors were wining them hands down.

That is what happens, marketing a real estate product is way beyond the product you’re offering.

You might have the best product in the market, but a competitor with a crappy product, but a terrific real estate marketing strategy will be winning you.

And it is not like they’re cutting corners, no, they’re only using the most effective real estate marketing strategies like what you'll discover soon.

So, how should you handle it?

Most real estate companies get it completely wrong, and I don’t know why.

I see it all the time.

One time, I was online, trying to cooloff, guess what I saw?

A real estate company that was trying to sell a property, and advertising it poorly.

Let me explain…

So, they are running this ad, and if you click the ad, you’ll land on a page that says this product is $100,000.

And they go further to say, if you’re interested, call XXX.

Maybe you’ve done that in the past, now you shouldn’t do that again.

Instead, what you do is the exact opposite.

What should you do?

Market the vehicle, then sell the property.

Before anyone buys a real estate property, what is the first thing they’d do?

You know it, they’d want to inspect.

No one buys (or rents) a real estate property without first inspecting.


That is what smart real estate companies are doing...

Your entire focus should be on selling that vehicle, aka, the inspection.

And while selling that inspection, you do not sell it like some crappy commodity.

Oh, I cant count how many real estate companies that do this.

A story is told of a man who lives in a small town in New Jersey.

He’s incredibly famous within the community.

When people want to buy property, he takes time on a ride within the city.

 He doesn’t just show them the house itself, he takes them on a ride within the community and the city.

As he is riding with them in the car, he's giving them names of the people in the community, he gets very personal with them.

He would say, if you rent this house, you'd be next door to Dr. Salma. Dr. Salma is an incredibly personality.

And he cares alot about people around him.

He'd make you want to stay close to Dr. Salma because everyone likes a good person.

Then, he takes them to the house.

What do you think the man is doing?

He’s pre-framing their mind.

As he’s driving, he’s having a conversation with them, telling them more about the community and the city.

He’d only talk about the price AFTER the client has seen the house.

This man eventually went on to build a real estate company that was making tens of millions of dollars.

If you are selling any luxury real estate product, you’ve got to know that people are coming to you because of that experience, give them the experience...

The next thing you’d to be sure is your offers.

Look, so many real estate companies have sucking offers.

When you look at their offers, you’d see that even they (the real estate company) wouldn’t touch the offer with a long spoon.

Onetime, I was looking for a home to buy, a real estate company reached out, and I was happy, until I heard their offer.

They told me that their plan was an off-plan, whatever that means.

That I’d need to pay them about $130,000 in full (which is the complete payment), and wait for 24months when the building would have completed for me to move in.

Most people wouldn’t see this as a good deal.

The point is, your offer must be amazing.

It is either a good offer, or it is not.

Now, there’s a formula for having an offer that truly wins real estate clients...


When you create a magic offer, the customer will not only feel compelled to take it, they’d look stupid to themselves if they don’t.

The Magic Offers System is the exact process we use to create killer offers for re-estate companies, and other companies in the home and housing niche.

If we look at your offer, we'd probably see why it is not selling as it should.

Most people make the mistake...

They think by spending more money on ads or by changing the messaging, things will automatically fix themselves.

Your offers is the first thing you create before ever spending a dime on ad.

Now, when I say offers, i dont just mean your price point and what you're selling.

It goes way deeper.


 You want to use the Magic Offers System to create an offer that is not only irresistible and completely compelling.

Thirdly, you already heard that you need a website for your real estate company, but if you truly want to do something win real estate clients consistently, predictably and make huge profits...

You need something way better than a just fancy, good looking website.

Look, most real estate company websites suck.

They don’t get results.

You need a complete Real Estate Selling Protocol.

A system that brings total strangers to you, and effectively, and effortlessly turn them to raving buyers.

Look, you need to know that you are looking for high-value buyers.

People who spend from tens of thousands of dollars to even millions of dollars.

The worst mistake you’d make is to try to sell to them as you’d other people.

You need a real estate selling protocol so that you’ll be able to generate them as leads, then you pass them off to your sales them who’d easily close them.

These processes can be 99% automated, which means that round the clock, prospects are always coming to you, and in that case, you’d be closing them easily BUT…

Like you may already know, all prospects are not the same.

If you do not have a solid filtration process or system in place, you wont be able to acquire customers that’d stick.

You can have 10,000 useless leads, and you can also have 500useful leads.

It is not the quantity but quality.

Most real estate companies have quantity leads...

People who'd lead them on and backout when it is time to make payment.

They endup wasting time, and money.

If you are selling anything expensive, it means, you are going to need Deep-Pocket Clients, and for that to happen, you need a system that works.

When you are look for premium clients, you always ensure that there’s a “marketing filtration system”

Now, let me show you...

How the money is made.

You see, a lot of companies do real estate marketing without putting in ROI in mind.

Listen carefully, all of your marketing MUST yield return or else, your marketing becomes an expense, instead of an investment.

So, before you ever think of spending a cent on marketing, you need to be sure that you have an amazing;

Client acquisition machine that is predictable, reliable and repeatable.

Messaging that hit the chord of your marketing but most importantly, a magic offer that is not only irresistible, but powerfully, compelling.

You want to place an magic offer that would make them feel stupid if they do not take it right immediately.

Having all those things are great BUT…

You need to know that real estate is a high-priced stuff, so you need to ensure that you have a filtration system to get-out the time wasters.

You've done all these?

Now,listen carefully...

Do you know that it is possible to predict how much you can make before you ever spend a cent on marketing?

This is the huge mistake most real estate, roofing or construction companies make with their marketing…

They market in the dark.

Imagine someone who goes to a busy market, and decides to walk around the market with a blindfold.

What do you think will happen to the person?

Just imagine it for a second...

That is exactly what will happen to anyone who markets in the dark.

Before, you ever spend one cent on marketing, first, find out what you’ll spend, and what you’ll make.

Because one you know it, you'll become smart like "investor" Warren Buffet, in all of your decisions.

So, one time, we had a meeting with a client, and they told us how they were only going to spend 7% of their revenue on marketing.

We showed them the simple maths, and they were ready to spend 35%.

What they could spend, and what they could make back, aka, ROAS.

For example….

What is a click costing you?

What is a lead costing you?

What is an inspection costing you?

What is a sale costing you?

Then, minus that from the cost of what you sell.

That will give you your “take home”.

Once you’re armed with this info,you’d spend predictably on marketing.

Let’s walk it together…

All markets are not the same.

A click cost more in the US than it does in Nigeria.

So, if a click is costing you $2 per click, a lead could be $25, an inspection could be $200 and a sales could be $1000.

What is the cost of what you’re selling?


So, for you to make $30,000, you’d need to spend $1,227.

What do you do anytime you need $30K?

You just spend (actually INVEST) $1,227.

I know it sounds fun, it sounds easy, and truly, it is easy but there are a lot of other moving parts.

Real estate marketing shouldn’t be complicated, it is easy so long you know exactly how to make it easy and RIO-driven.

And if you think your company has something great that the world needs, you can apply to get our REAL ESTATE CLIENTS ACQUISITION PROTOCOL (RECAP).

It’s a $1,500 value but 100% free, but it is not for everyone.

We’re very picky with it, but if we do pick you, you’d be sure that your competitors will be in trouble.

The real estate (construction, roofing, etc) market is our bread and butter.

You can easily begin to get the type of clients that you seek, clients who will pay with little to no resistance.

You just need to start executing what we just showed you, and you need to move quickly, more than your competitors.

That's how to win.

Anyway, how are you going to use this for your own benefit?

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