How A Residential Roofing Contractor Generates 100+ Sales Appointments Bookings Per Month... 

While Automatically Converting 66% of Them To Sales WITHOUT Spending An Arm & A Leg On Marketing.

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Our Client, Who They Are:

Our client (name confidential) is a residential roofing & restoration company founded 15 years ago. They have extensive experience in roof construction, repairs & restoration with a highly trained team of professionals.

Although they know everything roofing like the back of their hand but marketing their business didn’t come as easily.

That’s where we came in, picture this;

Customers served! 20 + monthly sales calls
Customers served! 20 x company's revenue
Customers served! 20 % clients conversion

The challenge...Unpredictable Revenue.

Our client was struggling to scale past their revenue figures and ultimately,hit their business goals. 

They knew they needed a consistent, reliable & predictable way to generate highly qualified roofing leads and get more customers but they didn't know how and who.

Prior to this time, they were running their marketing & ads themselves with no clear strategy and tactics, a little here, and a little there, and..

They invested a few of dollars on marketing campaigns but unfortunately, they didn't get any interesting return on investment.

So, they signed on an agency to take over their marketing but again, they didn't get a return on that investment.

It was at this point that our path crossed, and magic happened...

The Solution

Enough about the problems. Let’s talk about the good stuff! We decided to go after one big goal... boost sales appointments. Keep the phone banging, and the sales team busy, with improved sales closing process.

  • Killer offer. Made offer 100X more attractive.
  • Focus on meaningful ROI. Eg, switched from generating just leads to actual sales appointment using our RCCAS system. 
  • Restructure lead capture strategy, sales appointments funnel & messaging.
  • Target leads within specific area codes using our custom multi-faced approach.
  • Boost sales conversion process.

The Result...5x Revenue In 8months.

We 5x their revenue by ruthlessly implementing our recommendations, while their team focus on growing the business.

  • 5x revenue in 8months.
  • Boosted monthly sales appointments to 100+, from less than 10.
  • Shorted sales cycle by 45% while boosting client conversion to 66% from 18%.
  • Boosted lead generation by 83% while cutting customer acquisition cost by 50%.
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