Open Letter To Founders, Entrepreneurs, Ceos, CMOs

3 Unusual Steps To Thrive In Business Despite Covid-19, Economic Crunch or #EndSars Crisis even if your competitors are huge.

Dear friend,

2020 is such a year.

A whole lot has been happening, and still happening.

How are you coping?

Today is Thu,28 Sep 2023.

How is it going with you?

I mean, your business, life and family?

I wont lie, a lot of businesses are going through a very, very hard time.

Covid-19 struck, and for months, a lot of people were at home, compulsory leave, and holiday.

Many businesses closed shop as a result, even though the government promised “bail out” but most people can’t be bailed out because of the enormity of the problem.

As we were still talking about that, we started hearing sounds about recession and global economic crunch like 2008.

Sadly, if you’re in my home country of Nigeria, the problem appears even worse.


55% unemployment rate.

Bank lending rates of atleast 20% (don’t blame the bank, they too want to survival, actually, many of them may be struggling to survive).

Double digits inflation...

And over 100million poor folks are out there.

So, no matter what you sell, all these indicators are completely against you.

As we were dealing with that, the SARS issues came up.

My God!

The looting that followed is unprecedented.

Now, more businesses are crying.

I know what you are thinking “is there any hope for my business?”

Well, it depends on you.

Seriously, YOU!

Why did I say so?

Two reasons!

First and foremost, as entrepreneur & leader, my job is to provide solution, not discuss problem.

So, don’t get scared because there’s hope.

BIG hope!

The only problem is…

That leads me to thing #2.

Which is, what you do with what I’m going to share with you.

I mean, I might be able to help you fix all these problems, but I cannot help you do it, I’ll expect you to take action.

Real, solid, forward moving action without procrastination, or excuse.

This may shock you, the truth is, procrastinations and excuses have killed more businesses than bad economy, Covid-19 and the EndSars issues.

So, I ask you, my dear friend, are you ready?

3 things to do.


If you are yet to, quickly, and I dare say, immediately, grab a copy of my latest book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS, right now!

It’ll expose you to what you should be doing, right now!

Over 10,000 businesses executives, CMOs, etc have gotten the book, and they are full of praises, it’ll be ship to you anywhere you’re on planet earth.


Create a new market or enter a new market.


Don’t be.

The internet has allowed us to penetrate into other markets even if we do not have physical presence there.

Take us for example, the bulk of our clients are OUTSIDE of Nigeria.

From get-go, we made that deliberate decisions.

We have clients from different parts of the world, and you can do it, it doesn’t matter what you sell, or your price points.

Let me not talk too much, take a look at this.

Check that out if you’re truly hungry for new markets.


Get personal, 1:1 help.

Look, no need to pretend the problem doesn’t exist when in actual fact, it does.

I’m freeing up time today, 28 Sep 2023 ,to help a few businesses who truly need help.

You’ll be having me DIRECTLY.

Sadly, due to my time schedules, I can’t take much.

Go here and see all the details. Yes, FREE!

Go through it, and most importantly, take action.

Like I already said, you’ll determine what happens to you, and the degree to which it’ll happen.

Go ahead, and do it.

You’ll thank me for many years to come.

See you!

Johnson “the marketing magician” Emmanuel.

Founder, Havanzer.

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