The Effective eCommerce Email Marketing Campaign That Boosted Sales To $319K/Month

(From $18K/Month)

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It’s true...

Email marketing can be a complete game-changer when done right, and when done wrong, it can also have a devastating effect on an eCommerce company.

The question is, how do you launch an e-commerce email marketing campaign that grows your revenue beyond your wildest imagination, or how do you boost ecommerce email marketing ROI?

Hang on before you go looking for an ecommerce marketing agency to run your online store's email marketing campaign.

There's something interesting you need to know;

According to recent stats, 81% of e-commerce companies make sales through email marketing but sadly, more than 60% of that number don't run profitable campaigns.

Yet, email marketing can grow your revenue by 4,200% by this time next month, so, why are so many ecommerce, direct-to-consumers online stores now seeing anything close?

First, the e-commerce email marketing agency you work with is as important as the e-commerce email marketing strategy you develop and deploy.

You can easily, predictable, consistently & PROFITABLY grow your revenue using email marketing campaign.

Whether you're a startup or a well-established ecommerce or DTC company, email marketing campaign done right can be the absolute game changer for your brand.

For example;

  •  If you’re an online store owner and know most of your customers make a repeat sale within 90 days of their first, any customer who doesn’t make another purchase in that period could be segmented, and made to go through a data driven, ROI campaign to not only reduce or prevent churn but also dramatically increase revenue.
  •  If someone signs up to your store but doesn’t buy anything in the first 24, 48, 72 hours or within a specific time, another email marketing campaign could be triggered specifically for these sets of people.
  •  Or, if you sell something that’s designed to last for a specific period of time - two weeks’ worth of protein powder or teeth whitening strips, for example - anyone who doesn’t repurchase around the time they’re expected to run out (give or take) could fall into the churn bracket too, so before they churn, launch a campaign to them.

So, if you're looking for ways to improve your eCommerce store's conversion rate, and make more sales, and revenue...

You may have tried a variety of marketing approaches and some of them seemed to work, while others didn't really provide any tangible results. 

I'm certain you've heard that eCommerce email marketing is the way to go nowadays.

Recently, we strategize, planned, executed and optimized an ecommerce email marketing campaign for our client in the innovative toddler space. 

We grew the store to  $319,637.31 per month from $18,000 WITHIN 90days.

So, what did we do?

Most important, how can you replicate this same result (or even better) for you online store?

Great question!

BUT first, what was the problem?

The Challenge Before The ecommerce Company

Our client was already doing a great job at customer acquisition, so they were pretty growing already but there was a big problem…

Retention marketing!

The thing is, if you have a problem with retention marketing, you’ll ALWAYS have a problem with getting the maximum customer value.

Let’s break that down;

If your customers are spending $190 when they should be spending $2,000, you’re losing a lot of money.

If  you currently have 1,000 customers X $190, that’s $190,000 in revenue.

However, your e-commerce company will experience a completely new shift when you kick in a great e-commerce email marketing strategy because your retention will improve, and you’ll be able to maximize customer value.

As much as acquisition marketing is great, retention marketing can also change the entire game for you.

And that's the work of an effective, ROI driven email marketing campaign.

Infact, 82% of companies agree that retention is 7x cheaper than acquisition and the probability of selling to an existing customer is 70% higher than selling to a new customer.

OK, so you remember the first math we did?

Let’s assume you’ve been able to effectively maximize the lifetime value of your customer without spending any more money on marketing, with the same number of customers.

Here’s what it’ll look like;

If  you currently have 1,000 customers X $2,000, that’s $2,000,000 in revenue.

So, this time, you won't be making $190K, you’ll be smiling to the bank with $2M, just because you got your online store email marketing right, and boosted retention.

That’s exactly the challenge this our client e-commerce company had, they remained at $18K, and like most companies, they were spending a lot of money on acquisition campaigns.

The Client's Market

Although we’ve deployed a similar approach to e-commerce brands in other markets, this particular client plays in the toddler/infant mobility space.

Brands that understand e-commerce email marketing will always win against those who do not really understand it, even those who seem to understand the power of email marketing campaigns for an ecommerce company but are not doing it right.

What Did We Do?

Great question!

Five MAJOR things;

  • Overhaul their entire e-commerce email marketing strategy.

We noticed that they didn’t really have a clear-cut strategy that was built on retention, it was strictly on acquisition.

That meant, they were naturally burning cash since they didn’t even pay attention to customer value maximization.

Then, we…

  • Launched A Segmented Email Market Campaign;

People want to know that you understand them, and you speak to them on a personal level.

No one likes a bunch of email marketing broadcasts that go to everyone.

This allowed us to know who bought what and when, and what next to upsell/cross-sell, and their location so that we can use our in-house e-commerce email marketing software to automatically give them a localized experience.

  •  Launch Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign.

A lot of their customers were not going beyond cart, up to 67%, and that’s just insane.

We redesigned the checkout experience, added FOMO, re-wrote the entire copy, and tweaked the offer, and that boosted 

Revenue To $319,000/month From $18,000...

in the previous months.

As a fast-growth e-commerce email marketing agency, our job goes beyond sending a bunch of email drips, we look at your entire company, from end to end, and provide lasting, sustainable solutions.

It’s one of the reasons our clients are seeing insane results because they are working with an e-commerce marketing agency that goes beyond designing & crafting a bunch of emails.

For us, our entire focus all through the process is REVENUE GROWTH.

For us, at the end of the day, you live or die according to the number of sales you make.

We are all about revenue and a crazily huge customer experience.

Ok, what's the next thing we did?

Presell Workflow.

Most e-commerce brands are known for blasting a series of “buy now” emails, and well, maybe nothing is wrong with that, right?

For us, we believe the exact opposite is more effective, and we have consistently proven it, because it just follows human behavior.

People don’t want to be sold anything but they love to buy.

So, we are strategic in mapping out a sales campaign that is preceded by an educational, entertaining & curiosity-loaded email series.

Curiosity is a powerful marketing weapon that most people don't know how to use, or don't even use at all, we do!

That’s what we did for this client.

And oh, that's not all, another one is...

  •   Reviews Campaign

We asked buyers to please tell us what they think of their purchases, and they’ll be qualified for a discount code that will expire within 30days.

Regardless of the review, good or bad, they get the discount code.

That's where interesting things begin to happen...

For those who gave good reviews, we automatically followed up with discount codes to make them buy more.

Our message is something like...

"Hey, thanks for the review, as promised, 5555 is the 10% off code but you need to use it within 30days".

And for those who gave bad reviews, our team will follow up to know what exactly is the matter.

Is it product-related?

Buyer related?

Fulfillment related?


The Result of Our Work

At the end of the day, revenue was 17x, and the company is on the path of super high growth.

For e-commerce companies that understand the power of email marketing, it is the major oxygen they breathe.

The first decision that needs to be made is to hire an e-commerce email marketing agency that really knows how to strategize, plan, launch, monitor and optimize your email marketing effort.

A company that not only focuses on revenue but looks at email marketing campaigns holistically as part of your marketing & sales plan, and NOT just email template design and a bunch of texts.

Looking for (or hiring) an e-commerce email marketing agency because they are cheap might NOT actually get you the result because it is often said that you get what you pay for.

It is likely that cheap will most likely attract cheap results.

Take our client as an ecommerce email marketing success case study, we just 17X revenue, from $18K/m to $319K/m.

Any company that gets you such result is your growth partners.

That’s what we are, growth partners.

And we GUARANTEE your result UPFRONT because we believe that we don't deserve your money if you don't get the result.

Want To Boost Revenue?

Want to be our next success case study so we can boost sales, and dramatically grow revenue, with 100% GURANTEE?

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